ETS Group serves up MP5 clear polymer mags

The clear mags allow users to see exactly how many rounds are inside. (Photo: ETS Group)

The ETS Group is ready to serve MP5 fanboys and girls with a new set of clear, polymer magazines designed specifically for the MP5 platform.

The new MP5 9mm mags are available in four models — 10 rounds, 20 rounds, 30 rounds and 40 rounds. Working alongside all 9mm chambered MP5 variants. ETS Group says the clear mags cover all major MP5 manufacturers to include H&K, POF, Zenith and Omega.

The magazines are designed to function with hollow point rounds in the same fashion as stock H&K magazines but with the added benefit of a clear body.

ETS group offers four models with varying round capacities. (Photo: ETS Group)

“Their translucent body structure allows you to easily see your ammo count and type, while its durable construction features extreme impact-resistance so they won’t crack when dropped and the feed lips won’t spread when fully loaded and stored,” ETS Group said in a press release.

The company offers a lifetime warranty on the magazines. Prices start at $39 for the 10 to 30 round magazines, topping out at $49 for the 40 round capacity mag.

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