Duck Commander Launches Strut Commander Turkey Calls

Turkey Hunting in California
Turkey Hunting in California
Strut commander logo
Strut commander logo

WEST MONROE, La. -( As a leading manufacturer in game calls, Duck Commander recently launched its new brand—Strut Commander—to provide hardcore turkey hunters with calls that provide a full range of turkey vocalization with top quality performance.

In 2017, Strut Commander will offer a complete line of turkey calls including mouth calls, box calls and friction calls.

The new Strut Commander calls are made in the U.S.A. for the tried-and-true turkey hunters looking to put food on the table for their family.

The calls are easy to use, and deliver great range whether the hunter is running the call to sound like the cutting of an excited hen, clean yelps, or soft purrs.

“We’ve been hunting wild turkeys across North America for years, and we’ve recently merged our knowledge in call-making with our experience in turkey hunting to bring customers calls that make the weariest gobblers come in on a string,” said Kyle Tengwall, general manager for Duck Commander brands. “We pride ourselves on making products that can be used by all hunters, regardless of their calling skill level.”

  Strut Commander box calls:
Walnut Box Call
Cherry Box Call
Cedar Box Call
Dugout Box Call

Strut Commander mouth calls:
Original Strut Commander
Bearded Hen
Crazy Lady

Strut Commander pot and striker calls:
Ole Poly/Slate Call
Ole Walnut/Slate Call
Ole Cherry/Slate Call
Ole Crystal/Cherry Call
Ole Crystal/Walnut Call
Lil’ Ole Scratch/Walnut Call

The Strut Commander calls are currently being shipped from the warehouse to retailers near you and will be available online and in sporting goods stores during this holiday season and throughout the spring turkey hunting season.

For more information about Strut Commander and all of its products, visit, call 318-387-0588 or tune into The Outdoor Channel beginning in January 2017 where the calls will also be featured on the new show, Commander Life.