DRT—the AR-friendly, crowdfunded multi-tool


The Down Range Tool is a new 49-function invention on Indiegogo. (Photo: Perry Sasnett)

Want a multi-tool that can clean the bolt carrier group on your AR, meets TSA regulations, and fits easily onto MOLLE?

You’ll have to wait a little while. Perry Sasnett, of Virginia Beach, has designed the Down Range Tool, or DRT, and is currently crowdfunding the invention on Indiegogo. Deliveries are predicted for sometime in January 2017.

The DRT is made of hardened stainless steel and is 7 inches in length. One end is slightly curved much like the upturned end of a crowbar. The design slides easily into MOLLE webbing for carry.

There are 49 standard features/functions on the little device, including a range of nut and screw drivers, nail puller, ruler, can and bottle opener, spoon, wire strippers of several gauges, and more.

Rifle-specific features include rear and front sight adjustment tools and everything needed to clean the odd surfaces of a bolt carrier group.

Optional add-ons include a glass breaker, bands to use the DRT for storage of small items, a fire starter, a quarter-inch double-ended hex bit, micro LED light, and a fishing kit.

The crowdfunding project seeks to raise $25,000. As of Memorial Day 2016, $1,316 had been raised, with 18 days left in the campaign. It’s not clear if Sasnett’s plans include alternative funding if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal.

If creative marketing enhances crowdfunder support, Sasnett has an ace in hand with a creative multimedia approach. A promotional video for the DRT shows it being used by tactical types, carpenters, schoolchildren, hunters, hikers, and homemakers. He’s left no stone unturned there.

The DRT is the latest of many projects for Sasnett, whose website shows an “explosive” history of work beginning in childhoods as a petty thief before joining the Navy, graduating from the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and serving with an elite ordnance disposal team. In 2006, post-discharge, he founded Zero Point USA, a beltway consulting/contracting firm with a focus on explosives detection and disposal.

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