‘Don’t f***ing shoot’ says parrot who may have witnessed murder (VIDEO)

An unsolved murder case out of Michigan from over a year ago may have taken an unusual turn after the victim’s parrot, Bud, started repeating what sounds to be an argument between a man and woman, ending with, “Don’t fucking shoot.”

Martin Duram, 45, died after he was shot five times in his Sand Lake home last May. His wife, Glenna, was also found in the home with a gunshot wound to the head, but it was later determined the gunshot was self-inflicted. Investigators, who say Glenna left behind three different suicide notes, believe Martin’s death was part of an attempted murder-suicide, for which Glenna is a suspect. However, she claims she did not shoot her husband and does not remember anything before waking up in the hospital after the incident.

After Martin’s death, his parents began caring for his pet parrot, Bud, but they say the bird’s conversations took a dark and disturbing turn.

“That bird picks up everything and anything,” said Lillian Duram, Martin’s mother.

Lillian and her husband, Charles, believe Bud was there when Martin was killed, heard the argument leading up to his death and is now simply repeating what he heard. Martin’s parents recorded cell phone video of Bud in which he seems to mimic an argument before saying, “Don’t fucking shoot.”

Doreen Plotkowski, owner of Casa la Parrot in Grand Rapids, told reporters after seeing the video that Bud is definitely impersonating a male and female voice and most likely repeating something which he has heard, traits which aren’t unusual for a bird of Bud’s breed.

Newaygo County prosecutor Robert Springstead, who will determine whether or not to press charges against Glenna within the next three weeks, said he was aware the couple had a bird, but had not heard the disturbing dialogue.


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