Dispatches from gun country: Connecticut ‘has gone to hell’

Richard and Kathy Scheidel, photographed near Sandusky, Ohio. Richard sports his DLO manufactured Browning 1919A4 currently set up to fire 8mm ammo and Kathy sports her Walther MPL in 9mm with a Sionics suppressor. (Photo: Ben Philippi)

Richard and Kathy Scheidel are gun enthusiasts originally from Connecticut, who now live in Ohio because the Connecticut gun laws are so strict. They enjoy shooting, attending gun shows, machine gun shoots and exercising their Second Amendment rights.

We’re all experiencing a tough time now in the shooting sports. Idiots like Bloomberg, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and others are trying to eliminate our shooting sport at all costs.

Some states are improving the sports and unfortunately, others are becoming nanny-states where the State controls everything… especially firearms. My birth state of Connecticut has recently gone to hell. It has joined New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and California in becoming a socialist nanny state. More people are just sitting on their collective rears and sucking on the government tit… and why not? Watch TV all day, collect a check and food stamps and let someone else pay for it. The taxes in Connecticut are incredible now. Everything is more expensive from gas to bread and milk. It’s so bad that people who would never have thought of owning a firearm are going out and buying one.

In Connecticut now, you can still buy shotguns, rifles and some pistols, but nothing with a magazine capacity of over 10 rounds. And anything OVER 10 rounds has to be registered, or you become an ‘instant felon’. Even some handguns have to be registered with the state as ‘assault weapons’. How asinine is that? Forget any modern sporting rifle such as America’s rifle- the AR-15, and it’s many variations.

VP Joe Biden told America to, ‘Buy a shotgun. Load two rounds in and go out on the porch and fire the two rounds off up in the air. That’ll scare a robber off.’

Yeah… right. Besides being illegal in many areas, any crook worth his salt now knows your gun is empty and he can do whatever he had in mind without fear of being shot.

Read more perspectives on America’s gun culture in Ben Philippi’s book “We The People.”

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