Delta Air Lines Donated Three Round Trip Charter Flights to the Anti-Gun Movement

Delta flies protesters to recent anti-gun march for free.

I am with Stupid Delta Airlines
Delta Air Lines Donated Three Round Trip Charter Flights to the Anti-Gun Movement

Utah – -( The anti-gun movement is better funded than ever with large donations from some of the biggest corporations in America.

While there are a whole slew of companies donating to gun control organizations, we have decided to highlight Delta Air Lines’ recent actions as they are the largest airline here in Salt Lake City and for the two-faced way they are supporting the gun control movement while claiming they don’t take a position on the issue.

In February at the height of the gun control debate, Delta publicly booted the NRA from a discount program it was offering NRA members who were attending the annual convention.  Unfortunately for Delta, their actions did not sit well with many pro-gun lawmakers in the Georgia Legislature, and a bill that would have saved Delta $150 million in fuel taxes was voted down.  After being spanked by the Legislature, Delta stated they take no position on the gun control issue and were severing ties with politically-divisive groups.  As a business decision, the USSC understands this.  Giving support to the NRA or Moms Demand Action is going to piss off half of your customer base.

Delta Dumps NRA Member Discount
Delta Dumps NRA Member Discount

Of course, as always, actions speak louder than words.  Last week Delta donated three round trip charter flights to fly high school students and teachers to the March for Our Lives gun control rally in Washington, D.C.

This rally was not a memorial to students who were killed in Parkland Florida.  They were not bringing up students with diverse viewpoints to look at various solutions on school violence.  They were flying students to a march which was solely intended to get Congress to pass laws that would infringe on your Second Amendment rights.

What is most cowardly about Delta’s actions is that they want to support the gun control movement but are still claiming they take no position on the issue.

On Monday we were contacted by several Delta employees who said their employee website stated that Delta donated the flights as part of their commitment to supporting the communities they serve and that Delta takes no position on the gun control issue.

As one employee told us “These guys run one of the most profitable airlines in the world; they are not stupid. They know they are supporting the anti-gun cause.  But apparently they must think we are stupid because they are trying to tell us they take no position on the issue.”

According to this employee, by Sunday the post had disappeared from the site.  None of the Delta employees that we talked to were willing to come on the Gun Radio Utah this weekend to discuss the issue citing fear of retaliation by Delta.  We will be reaching out to Delta and offering them a chance to comment on this issue on Gun Radio Utah this Saturday from 3:00-4:00pm on 105.9 FM / 570 AM KNRS.

What is sad about Delta’s participation in this march is that, by contributing to the anti-gun movement, they have helped take the focus off making schools safer and put the focus on going after gun owners.

If you are a Delta customer, a Delta Million Miler, or just want to share your comments with Delta, you can do so at this link.

Delta Air Lines Comment Page

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