Defending Your Homeland During Civil Disturbances: FREE WEBINAR SERIES

Free Webinar from Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Free Webinar from Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training

Chicago IL -( Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc., announced a series of 10 one-hour webinars leading up to the Republican National Committee convention in Cleveland July 18-21.

These webinars will provide useful tips and tactics for private citizens, homeowners, business owners, church elders, school administrators and community officials concerned about defending their life and property during civil disturbance.

The 2016 elections are signaling a dangerous chapter in the history of the United States. Increasing polarity across the political and social spectrum is generating rapidly increasing friction causing many to see the July RNC convention in Cleveland as a major flashpoint. Adding to this are mounting threats from Islamic terrorism, gang warfare and illegal immigration all combining to create an unprecedented threat horizon for the average US citizen.

Mike Smock, Vice President Business Development for Pulse said:

The RNC convention is causing many, not just in Cleveland, but throughout the rest of the United States, even Europe, to assess their own private security options. What options do private citizens have for defending their life and property? Can you train to safely and effectively defend your home, business, school, church or community? How do you interface with your local law enforcement authorities? What do you do if your business is engulfed in a civil disturbance and there simply are not enough police to secure your business? Do you have an obligation to stand aside and let your home, business, school, church or community be destroyed? Or do you stand and defend?

This series of 10 webinars leading up to the RNC convention are designed to help private citizens answer these questions. Each one-hour webinar will be held on consecutive Thursdays, at 1:00 pm CDT, beginning May 12 and concluding July 14, 2016.

Participants can attend one or all of the webinars which will follow this format:

1. Weekly Topic: The strategy of defense.

2. Weapon fundamentals: Basic weapon fundamentals and training tips.

3. Tactical tips: Working in teams, vulnerability analysis, tactical catalogs.

3. Situation analysis: Current events as they impact private security.

5. Questions: 15 minute Q&A

Attendees receive:

1. Complimentary 14-day access to the O2DA Defense Academy

2. PDF copy of “Strategy for the Defense Of Home, Business and Community”

3. PDF copy of the “Intent to Defend” protocols.

Use this link to register:

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