DC Project Throws Fundraiser Festival to Support Mission

DC Project

(Photo: DC Project via Facebook)

The DC Project will host a fundraising festival this weekend in Burnett, Texas to raise money for an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. The group’s goal is to bring women from all 50 states to meet with legislators and personalize the Second Amendment.

The festival at the Reveille Peak Ranch will include live fire demos, a banquet, live and silent auctions and a 3-gun match. Celeb shooters will also make an appearance with Jerry Miculek, Tig Tiegen, Dianna and Ryan Muller, David Smith aka Shakey Dave, and more scheduled to shoot the match.

“It’s a unique 3-Gun match in that it’s a two-man team match and we are having one teammate be a female or junior to support the two demographics that we feel are really necessary to preserve and promote our Second Amendment,” said Dianna Muller, the group’s organizer. “If people can’t find a junior or female there’s an exhibition so basically you’re just coming out and shooting for fun but you’re not shooting for the cash prize.”

In the past, participants to the DC Project were responsible for their own travel and trip costs but Muller said she hopes this fundraiser will change things and make the trip more accessible to participants. For those unable to attend, Muller said there’s still an opportunity to support the women traveling to the DC Project.

“You can go to DC Project online and there’s a donation button there,” Muller said. “Plus there’s a lot of the raffle items and auction items on there. If you’re interested in something you see just reach out to us.”

For more information about the DC Project and the Fundraiser Festival check out the group online.

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