Czech Leader Presents Engraved CZ 75 To President Trump (PHOTOS)

Czech Leader Presents Engraved CZ 75 To President Trump (PHOTOS)

Babiš gifted President Trump a beautiful CZ 75 Republika, complete with a special serial number. (Photos: CZUB/Andrej Babiš via Facebook)

During an official state visit to Washington this month Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš presented President Trump with a beautiful specially made CZ 75.

Babis and his wife visited the White House and met with the President for the first time last week where he said he was received warmly. “I highly appreciate our traditionally strong ties with the United States as well as the fact that such an important meeting took place in the year when the Czech Republic celebrates the 20th anniversary of joining NATO and 30 years of our regained freedom and democracy,” noted Babis.

As an official token from the Czech people, Babis brought a CZ 75 Republika model for Trump.

CZ 75 Republika model

Produced by CZUB to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1918, just 100 of the guns were produced. They are serial numbered 1918-2018 (Photo: CZUB)

Each is engraved with traditional Czech symbols such as the national motto “Pravda vítězí,” which means “truth prevails,” as well as a Czech lion coat of arms. The guns come standard with a wooden presentation case with a portrait of the first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Masaryk.

CZ 75 Republika model for Trump

The gun presented to President Trump was serial numbered CSR-1946, in honor of his birth year. (Photo: CZUB)

Babis said on social media that he was proud of the Czech people who invented and produced the iconic 9mm handgun and that the firearm “reminds us that we won our freedom.”

While in Washington, Babis also visited the Library of Congress and the Capitol, laid a wreath at the Pentagon 9/11 memorial on behalf of the Czech Republic and visited the 1937 statute of Masaryk, who had extensive ties to the U.S. and helped convince President Woodrow Wilson to support the country’s independence during World War I.

As for the gun, foreign official gifts to the President over a token value are considered gifts to the people of the United States, and the chief executive would have to pay the treasury to keep it. Gifts not bought by the President from Uncle go to the National Archives and typically find their way to public display such as at Presidental libraries.

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🇬🇧 CZ 75 Republika in the White House US President Donald Trump received the exquisite CZ 75 Republika pistol as a gift from the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. The gun is one of only 100 produced by CZ to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovakian independence in 1918. The superbly crafted Republika features rich engraving and is adorned by 24-carat gold inlays and plating. The pistol’s serial number is CSR-1946 in honor of the President’s birth year. We are proud that our product was chosen as a state gift of the Czech Republic to the US president. . . 🇨🇿 CZ 75 Republika v Bílém domě Americký prezident Donald Trump dostal od českého premiéra Andreje Babiše darem unikátní pistoli CZ 75 Republika. Zbraň je jednou z pouhých 100 exemplářů vyrobených Českou zbrojovkou u příležitosti 100. výročí vzniku Československa roku 1918. Republika je skvěle řemeslně zpracována a bohatě zdobena ručními rytinami a 24karátovým zlatem. Pistole má sériové číslo CSR-1946 na počest prezidentova roku narození. Je nám ctí, že právě náš produkt byl vybrán jako státní dar České republiky americkému prezidentovi. . #CZ #czub #ceskazbrojovka #czfirearms#czguns #servicepistol #military #funwithguns #czp #cz75 #Iknowcz #forthosewhoknow #CZ75republica #limitededition #CZlimited #czechoslovakiaanniversary #americanpresident #uniquepistol #engraving @czusafirearms

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