Creedmoor Now Accepting Pre-Orders on TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System

Take advantage of the discounted price by pre-ordering the training analysis system now and receive it in April.

Creedmoor Sports TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System
Creedmoor Sports TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System

Anniston, Ala. (® Sports, the leader in precision rifle equipment and gear, is now accepting pre-orders of the TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System at a discounted price. Order today and receive it by mid-to-late April. Don’t let the weather or range schedule determine when you practice; train in your house without ever firing a shot with this system. TRACE 10 GEN2 users will save on range fees, ammunition, gas and time, all while benefiting from high quality training sessions.

“Dry-firing is a training technique that really helps to understand and perfect a shooter’s shot process. However, it is also critical that you are able to accurately analyze what’s going on with your sight picture while dry-firing,” Brent Books, sales and marketing manager for Creedmoor Sports, commented. “Coaches and shooters can watch and record movement to help determine flaws or proficiencies. Natural point of aim, follow through, flinching, holding too long and shooting too early are some of the aspects that can be determined with the TRACE 10 GEN2. Olympic style air rifle and pistol, service rifle, precision rifle competitors and even basic fundamental trainers can greatly benefit from this incredible tool.”

You can improve your shooting performance by using this system to practice live fire (up to 25m) and dry fire (from 3M). The TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System records your shots and visualizes your aiming path and stability in real time. Built-in analytics provide instant feedback to help identify errors in your shooting techniques, analyzing your aim, triggering and follow through. You can even record and store all your training sections for easy recall. Anschutz utility rail and cylinder mounts are also available.

TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System software
TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System software

Once you have attached the TRACE 10 GEN2 to your firearm and downloaded the free software onto your laptop or desktop, simply plug in your system to your computer using the supplied USB and open the application. The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 with free, regular software updates. It includes built-in analytics and training exercises, as well as a library of ISSF, NRA, DSB and WA targets that can be scaled to printout for home practice.

The TRACE 10 GEN2 Training Analysis System is available at Creedmoor Sports for pre-order online for the discounted price of $724.95 (regularly $749.95).

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