Cooking bacon with the Marines via suppressor grilling (VIDEO)

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We like ours extra crispy.(2nd Marine Division video by Cpl. Clarence L. Wimberly)

Posted by U.S. Marine Corps on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner continues on his roll of breaking down the ins and outs of living with suppressors by giving an example of “hot, don’t touch” on a suppressor.

The Marines have been spending a lot more quiet time with their suppressors lately and CW5 Christian P. Wade in the above video tackles some misconceptions about how they operate as part of the 2nd Marine Division’s “Ask the Gunner” segment on the unit’s social media page.

In the above clip, Wade demonstrates how hot a suppressor can get while attached to a small arms weapon– in this case one fitted with a very nice SureFire 60 round coffin mag– and lets it rip with a bacon wrapped can.

“This is about as America as you can get right here,” says Wade.

After checking his cooking skills, he gives it another mag only to find the hog slices past saving.

“So now you know. Be careful with your suppressor, it gets hot,” he says.

So yes, CW5s do exist, and they like their bacon extra crispy.

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