Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta’s Response to 9th Circuit Decision

Comments about Peruta v San Diego En Banc Decision

Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Rocky Hill, CT -( The decision in Peruta v. San Diego could not have come at a better time, 5 months prior to a National Election of a new President of these United States.

As the lead named plaintiff in Peruta v. San Diego, I was not surprised at the decision and find myself losing faith in the process of resolving disputes through the judicial system.

As a 67 year old adult male, I was required to learn how to read and comprehend during my younger years while attending public schools, only to find myself being told that the words currently found in the Second Amendment do not mean what they say.

The Second Amendment and right of self-defense with a firearm, is a basic human right possessed by all law abiding, non-prohibited individuals, regardless of race, religion, political party, sex or sexual preference.

The issue of second amendment rights is now a topic of discussion on the national stage by those candidates seeking to become the next President of the United States.

Each of the current known presidential candidates whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent will be seeking the office with the authority nominate people to and shape the future makeup of the United States Supreme Court for years if not decades to come.

It is without question that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in rendering the NEW Peruta v. San Diego case demonstrated the fact that they lost faith in, (and acted upon), their belief that the process where cases and issues are heard and determined by three judge panels is not a reliable place to resolve issues of great importance. This belief is found in the fact that two decisions on the same topic can be polar opposites of each other.

The untimely request to become involved by the California Attorney General together with the ANONYMOUS request to convene and hear the case de novo by an en banc panel of, (in this case), eleven judges was nothing more than a political move of such a magnitude that it may ignite the emotions of every firearm owner in the country in ways that cannot be expressed in this post.

The current Ninth Circuit decision and status of Second Amendment Rights in the western states, does nothing more than evidence that fact that three judge panels cannot be trusted to render valid legally correct decisions on issues with national ramification.

Personally I am beginning to understand the issues and emotions that were going through the minds of our forefathers, in the months leading up to, (and following), the events in Lexington, Massachusetts on the morning of April 19th 1775.

One only has to conduct a Google search for “Key individuals in the American Revolution” to find the names and deeds of patriots who must now be rolling in their graves.

Fortunately I currently possess two carry permits for self-defense issued by Connecticut and Florida, (I did not renew my Utah permit), which are recognized through reciprocal agreements between a majority of the states or provision where no permits are required.

For the record, I was NOT asked by any state other than California to submit a reason to obtain a permit to carry a firearm. Connecticut and Florida took my applications, conducted a fingerprint based criminal history background check and issued the permits.

In my younger years, I believed to some degree that I was invincible and had the capability of defending myself from most aggressors and individuals looking to do me harm.

That all changed when I began to reside in a motor home and traveled across county between Connecticut, Florida and California in the fall and spring of each year.

Self-defense and my survival also began to become an issue during the periods that I, (often alone), responded to major breaking news events, (fires, accidents and homicides), in urban areas where most people would fear to tread during the day let alone at night or early morning hours.

The other factor which changed my lifestyle was the first of three heart attacks which gave me reason to believe that I would never again have the physical strength to defend myself if confronted by an aggressor intent of doing me harm or worse.

One way or the other, this issue will arrive at a final conclusion, where honest, law abiding, non-prohibited individuals will accept or reject the Ninth Circuit Court’s understanding of Second Amendment rights and the individual right of self-defense and legal possession of a “Concealed Firearm”.

Ultimately, the American people have to decide whether they want to take back their government from an elite class of individuals who are protected by bodyguards, governed and disciplined from a separate, gentler playbook and insulated from the economic vagaries that the rest of us face daily.

I would like to close by thanking the countless thousands of people who have supported and followed this case, and request that each one of you make a pro constitution decision while in the voting booth this November.

In the meantime, my support and voice will go to electing Donald Trump, the best candidate to shake up the system and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in my lifetime.

-Ed Peruta – Director of Legal Affairs, Connecticut Carry

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