Christensen Arms Adds Calibers to Modern Hunting Rifle Line

Christensen Arms Long Action
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Christensen Arms, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and carbon fiber barrels, is pleased to announce the addition of long-action caliber options to their cutting-edge Modern  Hunting Rifle (MHR) line. These new options are in stock and shipping now.

“With the introduction of long-action calibers in the Modern Hunting Rifle, we are excited to provide customers with a wider variety of options to suit their specific needs,” said Kort Nielson, Sr. Director of Product Development, Christensen Arms. “Long-action calibers are valued for both their power and accuracy, two things that pair perfectly with the MHR specifically and Christensen Arms rifles as a whole. We look forward to hearing all of the success stories from the field as customers enter into hunting season with their new MHR in hand.”

The Modern Hunting Rifle is versatile, modular, and future-focused. Built on an aluminum mini-chassis with V-block bedding, the MHR provides the accuracy of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle, all while offering exceptional modularity. Utilizing the all-new FFT technology, the stock, forearm, and grips can be swapped out to create configurations that meet any sport shooting or hunting situation. Whether on the hunt of a lifetime, or ringing steel at the range, the Modern Hunting Rifle will exceed all your expectations.

Aligning with the needs of every shooter and situation, the long-action MHR provides the same versatility and modularity of its short-action counterpart. Built on an aluminum mini-chassis with V-block bedding, the MHR provides the accuracy potential of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle. An adjustable trigger allows you to customize the feel to your own specific preferences. The carbon fiber-wrapped barrel with removable 5/8×24 stainless steel side baffle brake makes for the perfect suppressor host. All backed by Christensen’s Sub-MOA accuracy

The MHR will now also have the option of drop-box magazine conversion kits for both short and long-action calibers available for purchase at the Christensen Arms website. Chambering options include .300 Win Mag, .300 PRC, 7mm PRC and 7mm Rem Mag. Finish options include: Black Anodized, Desert Brown and Tungsten Cerakote. The weight starts at 7.6 lbs.

MSRP starting at: $3,499.99.

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About Christensen Arms:

With almost 25 years of firearm experience focused on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes into production—Christensen Arms manufactures some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe. From the very first prototype to current models, firearms have always been the product of American engineering and the best of American manufacturing.


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