Chicago Gun Safety Yeah Right…

By Bob Lang

Chicago Gun Safety Yeah Right...
Chicago Gun Safety Yeah Right…

Since 2001, has been providing illustrations featuring headline and current topic humor with a conservative tone. Bob Lang is a self-taught editorial cartoonist and political commentator. He got his start in political cartooning through a stint as a cartoonist for two local colleges he attended in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was one of the original cartoonists published in the Limbaugh Letter and currently draws editorial cartoons for and CNN Inside Politics.

Bob also has political cartoons published in Insight Magazine, and The Washington Times. He has won numerous awards from the Hoosier State Press Association and has won The National Newspaper Publisher's Best Editorial Cartoon of the Year twice. Bob's cartoons can be seen in the yearbook of editorial/political cartoons, The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, published by Pelican Press.

Thank you all and God bless,

Bob Lang

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