Cheryl & Danny Todd, Gun Freedom Radio – This Week Riding Shotgun With Charlie ~VIDEO

USA – -( This interview is one that I’d been waiting 3 years to conduct. When I discovered the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) was going to be in Phoenix, I knew that I’d be getting Cheryl & Danny Todd to hop in the stagecoach! I’ve been following AZFirearms, Gun Freedom Radio, and Cheryl & Danny since before I knew them. I met them at GRPC in Tampa in 2016. When Cheryl watched a GunGram, she invited me to be on Gun Freedom Radio. Then at SHOT Show 2017, she took me around to introduce me to everyone. It was a really cool trip!

At GRPC in Tampa, I got a photo of me and Cheryl on stage with Massad Ayoob speaking behind us. Just when I went to snap the picture, Alan Gottlieb came up and gave me bunny ears. Since then, every time Cheryl & I are together, we have to get a selfie with bunny ears.

As you’ll hear, Cheryl & Danny have had a long marriage together. They’ve been together for 34 years and they were married, depending on which you ask, either 6 or 9 months after they met. They both grew up with firearms in the house.

Growing up Danny’s household “had more guns than they had silverware”. After they were married, on a whim, Danny bought a handgun. In 3 months he purchased more than 100 guns and was running out of room in the bathroom to store them. He decided that it would be a good idea to open a gun store. Besides AZFirearms, they opened an estate and liquidation auction house. AND…they just became the only dealer to sell pinball machines in the state of Arizona.

Besides the gun store and auction house, they also have Gun Freedom Radio, which is a great show to listen to!

Cheryl is super active in the firearm community. She’s been a speaker at the GRPC for several years. She is Miss Arizona in The DC Project, and she helps with AMMcon, a segment of and day long event before the GPRC.

On November 2, she was slated to be one of the speakers at the Rally for Our 2A Rights in Washington, DC. You can get info on this Facebook page.

One of the stories that I bring up is when someone tried to turn AZFirearms into a drive thru gun store by driving INTO the store to steal some guns, but the criminals were not able to get into the store. You can read about that incident news story from 3.16.2016, when  someone crashed into AZFirearms’s wall.

Cheryl, Danny, and I have so many laughs exchanging stories about everything. There’s no way you won’t enjoy this show as we drive from Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions to AZFirearms.

One of my favorite quotes from the show: “Dan is the gas pedal of our lives” ~Cheryl

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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Riding Shotgun With Charlie isn’t about firearms. Its about having an intimate conversation with 2 people talking. You’re the fly on the rear view mirror. Many passengers are involved in the firearm community, but not all of them.

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