Bruce Piatt Makes History with SunBuster® Eyewear Wins Limited Division at USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals

Bruce Piatt Makes History with SunBuster® Eyewear Wins Limited Division at USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals

FARMINGDALE, New York – Bruce Piatt, SunBuster's world champion shooter, made history by becoming the first competitor in the United States Practical Shooting Association's event to win two of the three divisions over the years. The first time was in 1995 winning the Open Division and this past weekend's event which was held in Shreveport, Louisiana, winning the Limited Division.

Bruce finished strong shooting at metal plates with his customized iron sighted 40 caliber pistol, looking down his AR-15 rifle and crushing clay targets with his 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun. He competed against 119 other shooters, where accuracy, power and speed are the criteria necessary to win this event, known as the “extreme sport” within USPSA. Weather conditions throughout the competition were ideal, offering everyone clear skies and sunny, warm filled days. Bruce commented, “There's no doubt, wearing my clear lens, with the prescription insert provided me with 100% clarity to easily find the targets amongst the shadows, particularly when one of the stages was setup in the woods.”

Steve Asman, president of SunBuster was excited to hear of Bruce's win stating, “Bruce's shooting successes comes from him not only being an outstanding athlete and skilled competitor, but by Bruce selecting quality products that enable him to concentrate on his targets and knowing he has the best equipment backing him. At SunBuster, we congratulate him on this win and wish him the best as he leaves for New Zealand next month to defend his 2006 World NRA Action Pistol Bianchi Cup title.”

SunBuster has designed The Maverickâ„ ¢ and The Dudeâ„ ¢, two lightweight frames specifically designed for the shooter. Both models provide a comfortable fit for all-day wearing. Each model includes an interchangeable lens system of five lenses scientifically created to enhance and maximize the shooter's ability to perform under different lighting and target presentations in competitive shooting. The first lens system is the Pistol/Indoor system and the second is the Shooting/Hunting system. Each system offers a patented, lightweight, rimless insert, which sits behind the lens, available in a wide range of prescriptions.

Additional custom colored lenses are available to add to either of the systems for enhanced levels of shooing.

SunBuster's mission is to give all outdoor sports enthusiasts unsurpassed performance by enhancing their vision without damage, distortion or distraction. It is the perfect eyewear for biking, golfing, hiking, hunting or just a walk in the sun. We'll enhance your vision, so you can enhance your sport. To see why others are making the switch to SunBuster's SportEnhancementEyewear (S.E.E.) contact: 866-786-2878.

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