Brownells New Product Review for November 17, 2016 ~ VIDEO

Brownells New Products with Paul Levy
Brownells New Products with Paul Levy
Brownells :

GRINNELL, Iowa -( Learn about the hottest new Brownells products from the best brands at the New Product Center.

Hosted by Merchandise Manager Paul Levy, the videos review what’s new, and remain at the New Product Center page for several weeks.

Then the videos are archived on the Brownells YouTube channel, and are accessible at any time.

Products featured in this week’s video include:

1. Meprolight FT Bullseye Rear Sight.

Innovative sight system fits onto popular models of polymer pistols, and eliminates need for front sight by incorporating both rear notch and aiming dot into rear sight only.

That means no front sight to catch on holster or clothing during the draw.  Dual illumination uses both fiber optics and tritium to give sight picture that works in all light conditions, without needing batteries.

Low-profile design will not snag, and fits into most holsters. Available with red or green dot, for popular models of Glock and Springfield pistols.

2. TangoDown Vickers Slide Racker for Glock 43 (#100-023-071).

Replaces back plate on Glock 43 pistol and gives small textured wings to allow shooter extra grip to easily rack the slide. $18.95 retail.

3. Trigger Tech AR-15 Drop-In Adjustable Trigger. Self-contained trigger module drops into AR-15 rifles and uses unique roller system to give a crisp, clean break.

Adjusts from 2½ lbs. up to 5 lbs. Available with either curved trigger or straight trigger. Fits standard .154″ hammer and trigger pins.

  • Trigger Tech AR-15 Adjustable Trigger, Curved Trigger. #100-022-912. $199.99 retail.
  • Trigger Tech AR-15 Adjustable Trigger, Straight Trigger. #100-022-913. $199.99 retail.

4. Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM Ammunition. Premium ammunition gives reliable performance in firearms chambered for hard-hitting .458 SOCOM.

Available in a variety of bullet weights and profiles, Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM ammo is manufactured with high-quality components and sold in reusable 20-round boxes.

  • Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM, 300gr JHP. #105-001-104. $35.69 retail.
  • Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM, 300gr Ballistic Tip Spitzer. #105-001-101. $43.75 retail.
  • Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM, 300gr High Velocity TSX Flat Base. #105-001-102. $45.49 retail.
  • Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM, 300gr TTSX Boat Tail Hog Stopper. #100-001-100. $53.67 retail.
  • Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM, 306gr CTX Lead-Free Frangible. #100-001-103. $34.99 retail.
  • Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM, 350gr Plated Round Shoulder. #105-001-105. $34.99 retail.

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