Brownells AR-15 Assembly Videos Make It Easy To Build Your Own AR15 Rifle

Brownells AR-15 Assembly Videos Make It Easy To Build Your Own AR15 Rifle

Brownells and Ar15

Brownells, the industry leader in AR-15 parts and accessories, has just announced the availability of a full series of FREE, AR-15 assembly instruction videos on their website. The video series provides the novice or expert with all the information they need to confidently order and build an AR-15 from scratch. The series is divided into more than 50 segments that let you watch just the part you need without fast-forwarding or rewinding through a huge file.

Introduction segments explain the differences in the many types and variations of AR models while specific, how-to segments show you the correct way to install all the various parts and pieces.

PDF instructions are also available so you can watch a segment, print out the illustrated instruction sheet, and head to the bench. Plus, there's a set of checklists so you can make sure you've ordered every piece you need. Whether you're building a complete gun, or just installing a new safety, flash hider or stock, there's a lot of valuable information to make the job easier.

The instructions include the following subjects:

1. Introduction to the AR15
2. Laws Governing Building Your Rifle
3. Variations or Types of AR15s Introduction
a. Characteristics of the A1
b. Characteristics of the A2
c. Characteristics of the A3
d. Characteristics of the CAR & M4
4. Options and Specifications For Ordering Parts Introduction
a. The Upper Receiver & Common Subassemblies Introduction
i. Specific Parts for the A1
ii. Specific Parts for the A2
iii. Specific Parts for the A3
b. The Lower Receiver & Common Subassemblies Introduction
i. Specific Parts for the Mil Spec Trigger Group
ii. Aftermarket Triggers
c. Buttstocks Introduction and Overview
i. Telescoping Buttstocks
ii. Fixed Buttstocks
d. Barrels Overview and Specifications
e. The Bolt Carrier and Bolt
5. Tools Needed for Assembly
6. The Check List for Ordering Parts
7. Assembly Introduction
8. Assembling the Upper Receiver Introduction
a. Installing the Ejection Port Cover
b. Assembling the Forward Assist Plunger
c. Installing the Forward Assist
d. Installing A1 Sights
e. Installing A2 Sights
9. Assembling the Mil Spec Barrel Overview
a. Installing the Barrel into the Upper Receiver and the Delta Ring Assembly
b. Installing a Flash Hider or Muzzle Break
c. Installing the Front Sight and Sling Swivel
10. Assembling a free float barrel Overview
a. Installing Free Float Handguards and an Aftermarket Picatinny Rail Gas Block
b. Installing Free Float Handguards with a standard Front Sight Base
11. Assembling the Operating Handle
12. Assembling the Bolt Carrier Group Before Checking the Head Space
a. Removing the ejector to check headspace
b. Checking the Headspace & Installing the Ejector
13. Assembling the Lower Receiver
a. Installing the Magazine Catch
b. Installing the Bolt Catch
c. Installing the Pivot Pin
d. Installing the Trigger Group
e. Installing the Safety Selector and Pistol Grip
f. Installing the trigger guard
14. Assembling the Mil Spec Fixed Buttstock
15. Assembling the Mil Spec Telescoping Stock
16. Function Checking at the bench
17. Function Checking at the Range
18. Cleaning and Maintenance

Shot in Brownells in-house studio, the videos eliminate the “ums” and “ahs” and are edited to keep things moving quickly. Straight forward and to the point, you get the “why” and the “how”, without any extra chatter or commercials.

The videos can be accessed, FREE, through the website, You can also order an AR-15 catalog from the site, or by phone at 800-741-0015, mention code #PEK.

Brownells Provides a Check List for Ordering Ar15 Parts.

Brownells is the world's largest supplier of firearm parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment and accessories. Stocking more than 30,000 items, the company supplies gunsmiths, armorers and shooters worldwide. All of their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction, unconditional, lifetime guarantee. To place an order or for more information, call 800-741-0015 or visit

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