BREAKING SNOOZE: Neither the Brits Nor the Gun Banners Like the NSSF

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About every six months or so, the British tabloid media forgets that no one on this side of the pond gives a damn about what they think of American guns or our Second Amendment, and we haven’t since 1791. Were it not for armed Americans, these British hacks would be writing their anti-gun stories in High German, with lots of umlauts.

The latest example – from the same country that gave us Harry and Meghan, the Spice Girls, and Spotted Dick – is a thinly veiled hit piece on the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which the British media seemingly just discovered, even though NSSF has been around for more than 60 years.

The story: “‘Even more insidious than the NRA’: US gun lobby group gains in power” was published Tuesday by The Guardian. It’s biased junk starting with the headline.

Insidious? Really?

To be clear, the NSSF is the trade association of the firearms industry, and as such they do a commendable job. If they’re guilty of anything, they don’t publicize their hard work and frequent successes as much as they should. But that didn’t stop The Guardian from targeting them with their insidious lies and innuendo.

This story is pure trash – about as subtle as a naked Hunter Biden with a snootful of coca and a bedful of hookers. The author, Peter Stone, doesn’t even pretend to be fair or balanced. To whom does Stone turn for comment? You can probably guess: The Violence Policy Center, Everytown for Gun Safety and of course, Giffords. That’s the journalistic equivalent of asking the Joker to opine about Batman and the Boy Wonder.

“Meet the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry’s conservative and aggressive lobbying group,” the story states. “Its range of activities is broad but always geared to zealously and single-mindedly preserving and extending the power of the gun industry.”

Isn’t zealously and single-mindedly preserving and extending the power of the gun industry exactly what we want from the gun industry’s trade association? Maybe the Brits would prefer an organization that would roll over and support whatever infringement the Biden-Harris administration wants next. We already have one of those. It’s called Congress.

“Other gun-control advocates say the NSSF, like the NRA, has often exploited fears of gun owners and pushed conspiracy theories about ‘big government’ efforts to undermine the second amendment (sic), in order to rally opposition to gun-control measures,” the story states.

Let’s take a look at some recent “conspiracy theories about big government efforts to undermine the Second Amendment,” shall we?

Here’s a partial list:

Today, thanks to the Biden-Harris administration, what The Guardian’s considers conspiracy theories have become documented facts. And federal agents most certainly are coming for our guns. This reality probably hasn’t matriculated across the Atlantic yet, where you need written permission to purchase a kitchen knife.

At the end of the day, this British hit piece is a big nothing burger. It’s no surprise that the gun-ban industry is at odds with the NSSF. The NSSF is effective at stymieing their foolishness, which is exactly what we want.

Besides, the NSSF doesn’t need to use “paranoia” to drive gun sales, as the author alleged. Once Americans see for themselves the country Joe Biden has created, they decide on their own they need to buy a gun.

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