BLK LBL Corporation Bipods Rails For AR15 Rifles Starting @$449.00 FREE S&H CODE

BLK LBL Corporation Bipods Rails For AR15 Rifles deal

Brownells has the all-new BLK LBL Corporation Bipods Rails For AR15 Rifles that, with coupon code ‘AMMOLAND’ you can pick one up starting at just $449.00.

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The BLK LBL Bipod’s innovative barrel-through design allows the rifle to sit ‘in’ the bipod, rather than ‘on’ it, with the center of rotation of the bipod effectively centered on the bore, making it inherently more stable. The result is a balanced rifle without the top-heavy tendencies that can come from large optics. The ball and socket joint provide fluid movement for improved target acquisition and accuracy. With 40 degrees of pan and 15 degrees of cant in each direction, adjusting leg length to level your scope is a thing of the past.

BLK LBL was borne out of the question:
Why is something as practical as a bipod still an impractical attachment?
When not deployed, the legs of the BLK LBL Bipod easily fold to the rear, flush with the hand guard. This means they won’t catch on clothing, gear or branches when you’re on the move, and won’t interfere when shooting off hand, from a barricade, or even when storing your rifle.

A Passion for Precision
With improved accuracy, lightweight construction, added stability and an expanded range of motion, the BLK LBL Bipod is the new pinnacle of bipod technology. Whether you’re in law enforcement, the armed forces, a sport shooter or hunting in the great outdoors, this bipod gives you exactly what you’re looking for; improved performance.

Competitive & Sport Shooters
The BLK LBL Bipod provides improved accuracy and proven stability in all sport shooting competition situations, while the stowed bipod legs won’t interfere when on the move or shooting offhand.

Outdoorsmen & Hunters:
The integrated design of the folding BLK LBL Bipod means no more catching your bipod legs on heavy brush or branches, your clothes or even your rifle case when stowing. Plus the added stability and accuracy means more precise shots, which means more accurate, more ethical kills.

Law Enforcement & Armed Forces:
Safety, stability and control. It applies to law enforcement, as well as the BLK LBL Bipod. Of course, improved accuracy means fewer rounds expended, which results in a quicker, safer resolution of situations where protecting citizens and ensuring public safety is of primary importance.
Whether it’s the stability only a bipod can provide from a set firing position, or easy handling in close quarters, the integrated design of the BLK LBL Bipod gives soldiers and their fireteam added confidence and effectiveness in nearly any situation.
Manufactured specifically for integration with AR-15 rifles, this exclusive BLK LBL bipod is crafted from durable anodized aluminum and stainless steel and features their revolutionary barrel-through design, swiveling ball-and-socket joint and extendable, rear-folding integrated legs.

BLK LBL Corporation Bipods Rails For AR15 Rifles Starting @$449.00 FREE S&H CODE

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