Blazer Ammunition Brings Bulk .22 LR Ammo to Range Day

.22 LR

Blazer now offers bulk packs of .22 LR. (Photo: Blazer)


Blazer Ammunition serves up more rounds for plinking practice, expanding its inventory to include a new .22 LR bulk pack.

Ideal for shooters who throw volleys of rounds downrange, or those that just want to stock up, the bulk pack serves up 525-rounds of .22 LR. The 38-grain round nose offers a muzzle velocity of 1,235 feet-per-second with reliable cycling in most semi-automatic rifles. Blazer Ammunition says the rounds opt for “clean, reliable CCI primer” and work well for those that enjoy long days of training at the range.

“Keep range day going longer with the new Blazer .22 LR Bulk Pack. It’s topped off with 525-rounds of accurate, reliable Blazer loads with 38-grain round nose bullets perfect for plinking,” Blazer said in a press release.

MSRP on the new bulk pack sits just under $30.

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