Black rifle guru on Steyr AUG and how it stacks up (VIDEO)

Chris Bartocci convenes class on the evolutionary process behind Steyr’s now-classic bullpup, going in-depth on the gun’s inner workings and the logic behind it.

Steyr designed the Armee-Universal-Gewehr—”universal army rifle”– back in the 1960s and it was first adopted by the home team, the Austrian Army, as the StG 77 now 40 years past. Since then the gun has morphed to keep up with the times, but the basic mechanism and layout of the rifle has remained the same.

Bartocci knows what he is talking about when it comes to the AR15/M16 family tree as he is an Army vet, has been a writer for Small Arms Review for more than a decade and wrote the book on the Black Rifle (literally), so he is pretty well versed in hardware of 5.56mm nature, and he tells it like it is on the AUG.

As a bonus, to see how the Austrian ‘pup holds up against a more modern design, check out  Bartocci ‘s comparison of the gun with the IWI Tavor below.

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