Bill Hicks & Co. debuts exclusive Glock custom finished handguns

The Glowing (Photo: Bill Hicks & Co)

The Glowing Glock $100 Bills Pistol is one of several new flashy designs offered by Bill Hicks & Co. (Photo: Bill Hicks & Co)

Bill Hicks & Co drops an all new line of exclusive custom finish configurations for the ever popular Glock 42 and 43 pistols.

The G42, chambered in .380 ACP, and G43, chambered in 9mm, have been embellished with Cerakote colors or hydropgraphically dipped patterns created by Bill Hicks & Co to bring a little flare to the concealed carry market.

The distributor is offering designs in Robin’s Egg Blue, Prison Pink, Bright Purple and Titanium Blue frames with Satin Aluminum slides as well as a Navy Tribute in Fathom Blue with Insignia Yellow and traditional tactical Flat Dark Earth finish. Rounding out the unique patterns is the Glowing Glock $100 Bills Pistol which does exactly as the name implies.

“Taking a step in a different direction the Glowing Glock Pistols are truly unique and offer features never before seen in a commercially available pistol,” the company said in a press release. “The concept was to make a pistol that glows in the dark providing a tactical advantage for the owner by easily locating it and aiming it without night sights.”

Consumers looking to jazz up concealed carry with a new G42 or G43 model can head over to Bill Hicks & Co to grab one while they can.

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