Beto Demands Violence Monopoly at School where Government Shot Student Protesters

Beto convinces starry-eyed, logic-impaired students that government shooting unarmed students is why the government should control the guns (Beto O’Rourke/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Yesterday, people brought assault weapons to our rally at Kent State—where 4 students were shot dead in 1970,” Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tweeted Thursday. “I told them nobody should show up with an AK-47 or an AR-15 to seek to intimidate us in our own democracy. We need to buy back every single one of them.”

Let’s break his complaints down in the order he presents them.

It’s true. No matter how hard KSU administrators try to weasel-word that “it is the policy of the university to prohibit the possession, storage, or use of a deadly weapon in certain circumstances on university property,” the “out” for visitors is “unless otherwise permitted by state law.”

Ohio law allows “officials” to impose total infringements on students and employees and against concealed-carry if so dictated by a college’s board of trustees. But open carry by visitors on “public property” is “legal,” creating an unequal protection situation that should rightly be considered intolerable.

I observed and reported on Liberty Hangout’s Kent State open-carry walk a year ago, and unsurprisingly, armed protestors there to champion the right of the people to keep and bear arms conducted themselves peaceably and invited “reasoned discourse.”  Those who made that impossible by physically blocking the progress of the march, screaming insults to include sexual and homophobic put-downs and overt racism, and by threatening and committing acts of violence requiring multiple arrests, were all on the side of citizen disarmament and a government “monopoly of violence.” That’s curious considering some self-identified as Antifa, which fraudulently represents itself as being “anarchist” instead of totalitarian.

That brings us back to Beto, and his “brilliant” observation about the four students shot dead. Four unarmed students. By government troops.

That’s a hell of a way to make your point that only the government should be armed.

As with the earlier open carry walk, leave it to a professional liar to accuse Bill of Rights advocates of being there to intimidate, although they were there to make a point of defiance. But that’s only after a man who would be president emphasized his intent to ignore the “supreme Law of the Land” and use that government monopoly to bend them to his will and strip them of their birthrights. And as for the ubiquitous reference to “our democracy” collectivist poltroons like Beto invariably fall back on, we’ve seen what can happen when a majority unrestrained by unalienable individual rights decides what to have for dinner.

Beto’s “buying back” threat presupposes the guns were his in the first place, and that the transfer was made with a mutually agreed-upon reclamation clause. In the absence of that, refusal to play along will result in that monopoly of violence being deployed again, and those the shock troops don’t kill, as they did at Kent State, will be imprisoned and have their lives destroyed, as was done to Wayne Fincher.

As an aside, this really doesn’t fit the flow here but it is an opportunity for more gun owners to learn about another piece of Beto-related hypocrisy. These lottery-winning useful idiot stage props, who wantonly violate “gun laws” every episode of “Stupornatural,” really ought to hear from more viewers about what dolts they are without a script.

Does it strike anyone else as cognitively dissonant that, for a supposed “progressive man of the people,” Beto and his ilk utterly reject what the Founders knew to be the ultimate egalitarian power-sharing arrangement? And that brings us to another offensive and absurd claim that tells us all we need to know about how budding tyrant wannabes like him will try to wield real power should they ever swindle their way into it:

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