Attorney general adds 12 cities to National Public Safety Partnership

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday the addition of 12 cities to the Trump administration’s National Public Safety Partnership.

The cities, per an executive order issued by the president earlier this year, will receive guidance from the Department of Justice in their efforts to investigate and prosecute “violent criminals, specifically those involved in gun crime, drug trafficking and gang violence.”

“Turning back the recent troubling increase in violent crime in our country is a top priority of the Department of Justice and the Trump Administration, as we work to fulfill the President’s promise to make America safe again,” Sessions said in a press release Tuesday. “The Department of Justice will work with American cities suffering from serious violent crime problems. There is no doubt that there are many strategies that are proven to reduce crime.”

Sessions said the newly-formed partnership program will help chosen cities “build up their own capacity to fight crime” by using evidence-based strategies and relying on the expertise of the DOJ.

The 12 cities added to the partnership Tuesday include:

• Birmingham, Alabama
• Indianapolis, Indiana
• Memphis, Tennessee
• Toledo, Ohio
• Baton Rouge, Louisiana
• Buffalo, New York
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• Houston, Texas
• Jackson, Tennessee
• Kansas City, Missouri
• Lansing, Michigan
• Springfield, Illinois

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