Applied Ballistics’ Announces, Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting – Vol 2

Applied Ballistics
Applied Ballistics

Popular Long-Range Ballistics Author Releases Second Book in Series Now Available for Pre-Sale

Cedar Springs, MI – Applied Ballistics, LLC is excited to announce the official release of the second book in the most recent series from popular author, Bryan Litz, entitled “Modern Advancements for Long Range Shooting.” The second volume of the series contains all new content on the research being done by Applied Ballistics.  Famed long range ballistics author Bryan Litz, along with contributing authors Nick Vitalbo and Cal Zant, use the scientific method and careful testing to answer the important questions faced by long range shooters; and it’s now available for pre-order.

In the second volume of the series, Litz explores the subject of bullet dispersion, including group convergence.

Additionally, advanced hand-loading subjects are covered such as: bullet pointing and trimming, powder measurement, flash hole deburring, neck tension and fill ratio.

As is the case with everything that comes from the Applied Ballistics’ labs, each topic is explored with extensive live fire, and the resulting information helps to guide hand loaders in a deliberate path to success.

Nick Vitalbo is a contributing author and President of nVisti Tactical Innovation.  Nick’s chapter on laser rangefinder performance is a landmark piece of work in the industry.

Cal Zant’s chapter on composite wrapped barrels presents detailed test results on how these barrels perform compared to conventional options.

Modern Advancements 2 Cover

The current bullet library of 533 bullets in common use by long range shooters is included in the appendix. This library is of measured G1 and G7 ballistic coefficients.

“This book series is heavily based in experimental ballistics, and takes a sort of ‘myth busters’ approach to many of the questions and problems faced by modern long range shooters,” stated Litz.  “Applied Ballistics continues to explore long range shooting using the scientific method, and publishes the results in a non-biased way that’s easily understood by everyone.”

Now available for pre-order through the Applied Ballistics web store, “Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting – Vol. 2” sells for $39.95; but Applied Ballistics is offering a pre-order special ($5.00 off) from May 9th – July.


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