Anti Gunner Gets A Grooming Experience

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Virginia – -( From Virginia Citizens Defense League Board Member Bruce Jackson:

We, as active gun-carrying citizens, sometimes come to odds with those who either do not understand, or are openly hostile toward those who make a conscious decision to carry some additional security in a holster.

A couple of months ago I was picking up my dogs, including Copper, the unofficial Virginia Citizens Defense League mascot, from a groomer with a well established business on Garrisonville RD (610), here in Stafford, while open carrying my H&K USP.

While I was loading the dogs into my vehicle I noticed the woman in the SUV next to us. She was refusing to make eye contact with either myself or my girlfriend. By her furrowed brow, clenched jaw, pursed lips, death grip on the steering wheel, and her refusal to get out of her car (even though her door was on the opposite side of her car from us), I drew the conclusion that she was completely anti-gun. Probably to militant proportions.

She was not scared, but looked to be angry. Angry that we would have the audacity to bring any guns into her airspace, thus violating all of the laws of her karmic happy-place.

We finished loading the dogs and left. I mentioned what I saw to my girlfriend and she agreed with the assessment.

The next time we happened to be at the groomer’s, the owner related a story to us regarding a woman who came into her shop right after we left.

The attitude was apparently more than the owner was willing to tolerate, as the woman was demanding that the owner disallow us from wearing our guns into the shop, as well as demanding signs be posted.

Once the woman took a breath and the owner had a chance to talk, the anti-gunner was informed that the open carrying of firearms is a God given right that is protected in the Bill of Rights, and perfectly in line with the laws of Virginia.

When the anti-gunner continued to protest, the shop owner said, “Well then, I guess you will just need to find another groomer.”

The groomer has asked that her business not be mentioned in this write up, and so it is not.

God Bless the businesses that stand with us! [PVC: Amen!]

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