ALPS OutdoorZ Launches Delta Waterfowl Gear: Perfect for Hunting

Delta Waterfowl
Delta Waterfowl
ALPS OutdoorZ
ALPS OutdoorZ

USA -( Oftentimes the marsh or flooded timber holes hold some of the best duck hunting in any given area. But getting to those areas and being set up for a successful hunt aren’t always easy.

The average waterfowler has a lot of gear that they need to utilize on each hunt to increase their odds of success.

Not only do you have to get all of your gear into the flooded timber or marsh, but once you’re set up, you need a place to sit.

The Wetland Seat from Delta Waterfowl Gear by ALPS OutdoorZ is a lightweight, easy carrying seat perfect for flooded timber and marsh hunting.

ALPS OutdoorZ launched their Delta Waterfowl Gear line in 2016, building on a long-standing tradition of supporting hunter-friendly conservation groups.

As part of the licensing agreement with Delta Waterfowl, ALPS turned their expertise in designing high-quality, practical field gear for hunters to the world of waterfowl hunting.

The Wetland Seat is one of those efforts. The seat is built using a single aluminum leg designed with a wedge end that can be driven into marsh soil and provide a firm foothold.

Two side feet extend parallel to the ground to give more support and prevent the seat from sinking into the ground – even in the muddiest marsh conditions.

The Wetland Seat also works great for hunting flooded timber, or keeping a low profile while blending in with the vegetation around your favorite watering hole.

The oval seat itself is 12 x 8 inches, padded, and has a non-slip surface.

In a practical, simple touch that’s one of ALPS OutdoorZ trademarks, the seat includes a D-ring so hunters have a place to hang a game strap and keep their bounty out of the mud.

Ease of use and storage are also typical of the designs that ALPS rolls out, and the Wetland Seat is no exception.

The seat folds flat against the frame for easy storage, and it comes with a shoulder carry strap for hands-free transport to and from your hunting location.

This season, resolve to increase your mobility and comfort in the marsh and flooded timber with the Delta Waterfowl Gear by ALPS OutdoorZ Wetland Seat.

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