Allen Eliminator Shooter’s Backpack: a personal safe space on the range


The Eliminator Shooter’s Backpack by Allen promises intuitive organization. (Photo: Allen)

This week, the Allen Company, of Colorado, launched a new backpack they say brings intuitive storage to the range.

The Eliminator Shooter’s Backpack looks like an ordinary backpack from the outside. On the inside, it’s made to tote heavy objects, i.e. guns and ammo, while protecting fragile gear like eye protection.

This combination of sturdiness and protection is accomplished through dividing the bag into two main compartments — one for bulky or heavy objects, and one for things not so tough.

Padded pockets make for worry-free carriage of delicate electronics. Tethering clasps keep eye and ear protection separate from heavy items that otherwise tend to damage them in a typical “kitchen sink” range bag. Many other storage pockets help organize magazines, choke tubes, medical supplies, or whatever a shooter wants to personalize the setup to their liking.

Protection from the elements is built in. The pack stands up on its own. Underneath, a molded, waterproof bottom keeps gear out of contact with ground moisture.

Rolled carry handles allow the Eliminator to be carried in the traditional manner, or worn with the padded straps over the shoulders.

As of now, the pack is available in black with gray. The Allen logo and zipper pulls are orange. The width is 14 inches, length: 22 inches, and depth 10 inches. Overall capacity is 2,300 cubic inches or 47 liters.

The Eliminator pack is priced at $104 and is available from the Allen website or their retailers.

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