All Mormon Churches Declared “Gun-Free Death Zones”


Gun-Free-Zone Verboten
All Mormon Churches Declared “Gun-Free Death Zones”

USA – -( Mormon church declares: No guns in church. This is the new rule from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Note, it makes an exception for “only ones” law enforcement officers. Since the Mormon Church is always lead by a man said to be a prophet of God (the highest prophet since he leads the Church), this is a big deal.

Unless LDS members can challenge the authority of their President, they MUST accept this ruling as from God.

At least one Mormon I know has skipped church services in protest, and posted about it on Facebook. That’s pretty bold, since in order to attain godhood and rule over your own planet one day populating it with children from your multiple brides in eternity, you must be a good Mormon, attend church services regularly, do good works, etc.

Perhaps he feels that since self-defense is Biblical, he should be able to defend his life and that of his family even in church, regardless of the new unbiblical doctrine disarming him.

That Mormon gentleman is jeopardizing his becoming a Mormon god, for the temporal pleasures of being armed in church! What is worth more – your mortal life here, or your life in eternity?

LDS President Russell M. Nelson once criticized U.S. laws “that allow guns to go to people who shouldn’t have them.”

Really, President Nelson? There are numerous U.S. laws that forbid the possession of guns to convicted felons, to those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, those who are mentally ill, and those who are addicted to drugs.

There is not a SINGLE Federal or State law on the books that permits guns to go to any of these people.

Even where a background check is not required as in a private party sale, the seller is forbidden by law to sell a gun to anyone who is forbidden by law to possess a gun.

Perhaps President Nelson is really complaining that there is no law that prevents criminals from breaking the law. If he can suggest one, that would be great.

If the fury over this ruling “from God” keeps kicking up dust, I predict another split in the Mormon religion.

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