Aguila Ammunition Named Ammo of Choice for M1 Carbines

Aguila Ammunition Named Ammo of Choice for M1 Carbines
Aguila Ammunition Named Ammo of Choice for M1 Carbines
Aguila Ammunition
Aguila Ammunition

Dayton, OH -( As Inland Manufacturing gears up in recognizing the 75th Anniversary of the M1 by introducing re-productions of the M1 Carbine models circa WWII; Aguila Ammunition celebrates the 75th Anniversary of .30 Carbine ammunition; the exact ammunition named by Inland as the choice ammo for the celebrated model.

“M1 Carbines are great to shoot, but can be temperamental if the wrong ammunition is used, that’s why the ammunition you feed it is important,” states Ron Norton, Founder and President of Inland Manufacturing, LLC. “While surplus .30 Carbine ammunition is running low, factory rounds are readily available from various manufacturers. We have tested and ran a lot of ammo through our rifles, Aguila shoots flawlessly, making it the choice ammo for the M1 Carbine.”

In conjunction with the new reproduced models of the M1, Aguila is re-launching a specialty .30 Carbine round, featured in 75th Anniversary packaging. It will be available on May 20th in a 300-round bulk quantity, packaged in a plastic .30 caliber ammo can, co-branded by Aguila and Inland. This limited edition product can be purchased for $164.95 (MSRP) with free shipping or by contacting Inland Manufacturing’s accessory storefront, Inland Depot at, (937) 835-0220 or email at It will also be available at Sportsman’s Warehouse, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Cabela’s, Big 5 and various local dealers. For a limited time, special offers will be made available with the purchase of Inland M1 Carbines.

“We are honored to be the choice ammunition for the Inland M1,” states Chris Sadler, Director of Operations for TxAT/Aguila Ammunition. “The .30 Carbine Full Metal Jacket, 110 grain round was designed to be fired from the M1 Carbine – a light military rifle that’s garnered popularity with civilian shooters. Not only do we get to celebrate the history of such a reliable firearm and accurate ammunition, but for us, we can celebrate this new partnership with Inland Manufacturing.”

The original load for the M1 was ball .30 caliber ammo, 110 grain, full metal jacket, just as Aguila’s round today. The new line of M1 Carbine models from Inland Manufacturing have been built to same specs of the WW II era firearm, they look and handle the same, but shoot better. Still known as the light rifle, it’s short, easy to shoot and has little to no recoil.

The M1 Carbine was the highest produced American small arm firearm of the WW II era.

About Inland Manufacturing, LLC:

In 1941, with the US being pulled into one of the greatest conflicts in world history, a division of General Motors was tasked to support the war effort. The result was firearm history with Inland Manufacturing becoming one of the largest gun manufacturers in the US, producing nearly 3 million firearms in less than 5 years. Inland Manufacturing, LLC was founded in 2013 with a commitment to provide the highest quality firearm related products for the practical shooting enthusiast. The Inland Manufacturing team has over 50 years of combined firearm related experience and applied knowledge in firearm design, manufacturing as well as experience in military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting sports. Inland Manufacturing is a veteran owned and operated business. The reproduction version of the M1 Carbine (U.S. made, .30 Caliber, M1 Rifle) arrives ready to go to work as a historical re-enactment piece, a home or camp defense rifle, or as a fun gun for comfortable shooting at the range.

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About Aguila Ammunition:

Aguila Ammunition, founded in 1961, is manufactured in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico by Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V. As one of the largest rimfire manufacturers in the world, Aquila utilizes cutting-edge technology to manufacture quality rimfire, centerfire and shotshell ammunition. Aguila offers a complete range of products for the self-defense, sport shooting, hunting, law enforcement and military markets. Texas Armament & Technology is the exclusive North American distributor for Aguila Ammunition.

About Texas Armament & Technology:

Texas Armament & Technology (TxAT) is a veteran-owned business, and is the exclusive distributor of Aguila Ammunition in the U.S. and Canadian markets. TxAT’s mission is to provide technical support and assist in selecting the best ammunition, equipment, and training for customer requirements – ranging from weapons to counterterrorism and national security. TxAT also provides training, consulting services and technical support for clients in the aerospace and defense industries.

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