Aero Precision’s Serpant’s Hide Rifle Builder Sets Are Out Now!

Aero Precision’s Serpant's Hide Rifle Builder Sets

Rifle builders. The August 2023 edition of Aero Precision’s Monthly Builder Set program is here. Featuring a Serpent’s Hide finish expertly applied by West Michigan Cerakote.

This set features a drab finish with grey camouflage and netting patterns overlayed. This Serpent’s Hide pattern incorporates both traditional stencil pattering with a more organic “rattle-can” look that, when paired with Cerakote, results in a great-looking finish that will last the long haul. This one will sell out.

Serpant’s Hide Builder Sets In-Stock! While Supplies Last…

Available in the following configurations:

Furniture sets are also available:

  • MAGPUL MOE Grip + SL Stock – Serpent’s Hide Cerakote
  • MAGPUL MOE Grip + SL-S Stock – Serpent’s Hide Cerakote
  • MAGPUL MOE Grip + PRS GEN3 Stock – Serpent’s Hide Cerakote

About Aero Precision

Aero Precision is a firearms manufacturer based out of Tacoma, WA. Aero Precision has been in business in Washington since 1994, originally starting in the Aerospace industry. Today, Aero Precision is the largest firearms manufacturer in Washington, employing roughly 650 employees in Washington and over 200 in other areas around the US. Aero Precision manufactures AR Parts and Components, Bolt Action Rifles, Suppressors, and more.