A startup that ‘can do better than smart guns’ (VIDEO)

Gun lock company Zore launched an Indiegogo campaign for its product line Tuesday, paired with a new slogan, “This startup thinks that Obama can do better than smart guns.”

Back in April, Guns.com reported on Zore X, by Zore, a Jerusalem-based enterprise. Zore X is a cartridge-and-matchbox-shaped electronic gun security device.

Since that announcement, the company has refined product descriptions, showing how Zore X can be used in different modes. Related enhancements and a stand-alone products have been added. The message now addresses concerns of rapid access to a firearm for home security as well as the “unreliable technology” associated with smart guns.

The company also adopted more gun-savvy language, dropping the use of “bullet” to describe the cartridge-shaped chamber insert. Statements alluding to personal responsibility for safety are peppered throughout the new messaging.

Unlocked, the device, Zore X, can be used like a sophisticated chamber flag that can be quickly discarded by racking the slide or bolt, which apparently allows a magazine to then load a live round, the company says. Zore X can also alert the gun owner remotely if the gun is moved.

In fully locked mode, Zore X can be unlocked either manually, using a click dial that the makers say is easy to use in the dark, or via an app. The app offers a practice mode for the unlocking process. Though no times are claimed, both are said to offer fast access by authorized users. The device can only be locked manually.

Since the device is cartridge-like, it’s also caliber specific.  Currently, only 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO are slated for production.

Two non-lock products are advertised. One is a WiFi bridge to be plugged into an electrical outlet in the vicinity of the lock. The item can notify the user “anywhere in the world” if the gun is tampered with.

The other product is called a watchdog, and could surely be used on non- gun related items too. It’s a matchbox-like tampering detector that initiates an alert to the owner’s smartphone if the object it’s attached to — like a gun safe — is moved.

Each device is battery-powered, with a predicted lifespan of a year or more. Reminders to change batteries are built into the system.

Zore is casting a wide net with its fundraising campaign. Actual product options begin at $49 on Indiegogo.

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