A look at the gargantuan Heckler & Koch Mark 23 (VIDEO)

Eric and the gang at IV8888 eschewed the Navy SEAL entry but do justice in a breakdown of the now-classic HK MK23 “offensive” pistol.

A giant match grade pistol that tips the scales at 40-ounces, the 1990’s vintage Mark 23 is beefy as all get out with a barrel that is almost an inch longer than a standard M1911. With a Liberty Cosmic can added to the 16×1 RH thread barrel (too bad they don’t have the OG Knights Armament suppressor), the pistol is almost comically long. But that’s OK, because it can carve the center out of anything out to 25 yards with no problem.

The neato frogman ratchet, especially when stoked with 230-grain Freedom Munitions Hush ammo in the above video, is still next-level groovy.

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