76 National Rifle Association Board Member Survey Announced

Editors Note: Readers who know or have contact with your local NRA board representative please encourage them to complete the survey ASAP. Others please snail mail or email the NRA board at the contact info below and ask them to complete our survey.
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NRA Office of the Secretary
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or nrabod@nrahq.org

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76 National Rifle Association Board Member Survey Announced

Denver, CO – -(AmmoLand.com)- Save the Second (STS) is sending out surveys to all 76 National Rifle Association Board Members today.

These surveys present 10 questions that are of keen interest and importance to the vast majority of American Gun Owners who are concerned about the current state of the NRA, it’s future and the role it should play in defending Second Amendment Rights in the future.

Nine of the questions ask for “Yes” or “No” answers and are intended to determine clearly where an individual Board Member stands on a variety of issues.

“There will come a time that Board Members will need to choose between what is right and what is easy,” said Andy Lander, former NRA employee and STS Board Member.

The Surveys are being sent in several ways, including traditional and electronic mail, in order to ensure that all Board Members receive at least one copy along with the instructions for completing and returning the survey. STS will be sharing the responses with American Gun Owners before the end of the month. Board Members are being asked to return the surveys within two weeks of receiving them.

“I’m concerned that many of the Directors may refuse to respond,” said STS President Anthony Garcia, “but I think that would speak every bit as much as if they had actually returned the survey.”

Many current and former NRA Members feel that most Board Members are out of touch with American Gun Owners and not representing them or their concerns responsibly.

In April, at the Annual NRA Members’ Meeting, several Board Members took time on the microphones to chastise members who were expressing concerns about the current state of the organization & its leadership.

Ron Carter, STS Board Member and one of the concerned NRA Members who stood up to challenge the status quo in Indianapolis said  “We must have accountability and transparency from the Board. This survey can help with both.”

Another former NRA Employee and STS Board Member, Steve Hoback, who did much of the work crafting the questions in the Survey offered this challenge to the NRA Directors:

“In the shadow of our Nation’s 243rd Birthday, are YOU willing to stand up and call for reforms at our National Rifle Association? Or, are you content to sit back idly while American Gun Owners lose faith in the NRA?”

Stay tuned for continued updates.

Save the Second

About Save the Second

Save the Second, a non-profit organization, was formed in June of 2019 to represent the concerns of NRA Members, as well as former and potential NRA Members, who believe that the leadership and strategies of the NRA have failed and that the organization needs to be reformed in order to effectively represent American Gun Owners and their concerns. STS has proposed Five Points of Reform at their website savethe2a.org for consideration to improve the NRA.

For more information about Save the Second, The BoD Survey, The Five Points of Reform or other related issues, contact STS Board Member and Media Relations Representative, Rob Pincus at robpincus@savethe2a.org.