5 Luxury Shotguns That Are Sure to Impress

The luxury market and shotguns go hand-in-hand like riding pants and Italian leather boots. While there are countless luxury shotguns for jaw-dropping prices, Guns.com has managed to scoop some deals on some fine models.

Pick up one of these five beautiful shotguns currently curated in the Guns.com Vault and you’ll be sure to impress your friends.

Ruger Red Label


The lightweight Red Label in 28-gauge, built on a true small-frame, swings quickly on both birds and clays and looks just as good as it shoots. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

Production on Ruger’s Red Label began in 1978 and ran through 2014 — with a small break in production in 2012. These shotguns, notable for their beautiful and distinctive stocks, have been a high-end staple of the company since their introduction.

Available in 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge, the Red Label fills that luxury need for collectors and hunters. Whether you want to take to the field or the clays course, the Red Label will suit you well. See how well the Red Label works for bird hunting in the longer review here.


Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Combo

The Kreighoff K-80 is built to the standards of Olympic athletes (Photo: Guns.com)

Kreighoff made the K-80 Trap Special Combo with Olympic athletes in mind, designed with features you won’t find many other places. If you want to be the next Kim Rhode you need the tools to train like her.

This gun features two different sets of barrels, a double-stacked 30-inch set, and a single 34-inch barrel. Everything is adjustable on the K-80 from the rib to the barrels to the comb, making it fine-tuned to the end-users’ preference.


Benelli 828U

The Benelli 828U is the first over/under offering from Benelli Photo: Benelli

The 12-gauge 828U from Benelli is the first break-action Over/Under shotgun from the Italian firearms manufacturer. Benelli touts this as “the first O/U that allows you to create a custom-fit stock” with the patented 5 drop 4 cast shim system.

This gun also features Benelli’s progressive comfort system. This design eats up recoil provided courtesy of those 3-inch shells. The used models from the GDC Vault come complete with five choke tubes making it ideal for hunting or trap shooting.


Browning Citori


The Browning Citori is both beautiful and functional (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

The Browning Citori lineup features various chamberings and setups to accommodate nearly any type of shotgun shooter. Introduced in 1973, the Citori was made popular as a more affordable version of the Browning Superposed.

Some notable eye-catching features of the Citori lineup are high-grade wood used in the stock and foregrip along with the eye-catching gold trigger. The Citori is a long-sought-after companion on the clays course and you can find it in barrel lengths starting at 24-inches ranging up to 32-inches.


Beretta Silver Pigeon I

Beretta Updates 686 Silver Pigeon Shotgun

The 686 PI has a single selective trigger and a barrel selector on the top of the safety tang, the latter allowing the user to select the barrel for the first shot with a sideways movement (Photo: Beretta)

Beretta has long been known for making fine shotguns for people with discerning taste. While some Beretta shotguns range in the millions, the Silver Pigeon I is a fraction of the price while still maintaining the same mystique.

Built on the legendary reliability of the Beretta name you’ll find these guns chambered in everything from 12-gauge down to .410. A high-grade walnut stock along with detailed engraving on the receiver will impress even the swankiest of friends.


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