5 Lever Action Rifles That Will Fill Hearts with Joy

Lever action guns are commonplace as a first gun under the Christmas tree for many young adults across America, for good reason too. It’s uniquely American, easy to operate, and smooth shooting by design making them a popular choice for young or old.

Guns.com has a Vault full of new and used lever rifles that will be sure to make any Western fan or hunter in your family grin.

Henry H024 Side Gate Lever Action

Henry level action

Adding a side loading gate – a popular feature on Winchester and Marlin lever-action rifles – marks a first for the Henry design. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

New to the market in 2019 Henry released their first side loader to the delight of many. In a first for the industry, this gun featured both a side loading gate and a tubular magazine.

While the side gate may be new territory for Henry the aesthetics of the design are anything but. You’ll find the hardened brass on the receiver, butt plate, and barrel band much like other models offered by the company.

Chambered in .30-30 Win, .38-55 Win, and .338 Fed these guns will not only be lookers in the field but are poised to take down some big game too. If you haven’t checked out the full review on the Henry Side Gate here it is.


Savage 99

Model 99

The hammerless, rotary magazine design of the Savage quickly won the hearts of American hunters and shooters, proven by the 99’s near-century-long production run. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

The original hammerless lever-action rifle, the Savage 99, hasn’t lost any appeal since it was introduced in 1899. The rotary magazine was innovative at the time and is still a big hit with hunters looking for a sense of nostalgia in the field.

These rifles were extremely popular when they were first produced and had a long production life of 98 years before being shuttered in 1997. Newer used models can be found for $300-400 wise investors and collectors are scooping up older models.

The rifle had over 15 different chamberings, including a chambering for .410 shotgun shells, so there is something for everyone with the Savage 99. If you want more info on the reputable Savage 99 check out our full feature on it right here.


Marlin 336

The Marlin Model 336 in .30-30 is one of the most affordable of all deer rifles to rest in used gun racks. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

The Marlin 336 has long been heralded as a reliable and accurate rifle to take into the deer woods. In fact, this rifle is as popular as it’s ever been more than 100 years after the initial design, as evidenced by it being the top-selling lever gun on Guns.com.

Marlin made over 6 million of these rifles, meaning they are everywhere in the wild. This is advantageous for the consumer as you can find high quality used 336 models under $400 all day.

Like many other popular lever gun models, the 336 is available in many commemorative models which vary in price. You’ll find many chambered in .30-30 Win but other calibers are also available if that’s not your cup of tea.


Winchester 94 Commemorative Editions

Sheriff Bat Masterson Commemorative Carbine 94 Winchester close

The detail on the Sheriff Bat Masterson is amazing. It is little wonder why these guns were immediately collectible when issued.

In 1964 Winchester started making commemorative editions of their famed model 1894 rifle. These were designed to appeal to niche audiences while giving something for collectors to look forward to year in and year out.

The run of commemorative rifles ended in 2005 but not before the company pushed out over 100 variants from their North Haven facility. Some of these saw a boom in production, like the Centennial ’66 with over 100,000 being made. Others were produced on a more limited run, like the Sheriff Bat Masterson edition which only yielded around 8,000 total units.

This leads to a wide variety of pricing as some limited-run models are more collectible. If you want to know more about classic 94 Commemorative’s check out our full feature here.


Browning BLR

Photo: Guns.com

The first gun on this list to don a 5-round box magazine is the Browning BLR. The ability to pack a box magazine means the gun can take pointed bullets, earning it the right to fire the more deadly magnum loads.

Production on the BLR originally started in the 1960s and continues today. Available in 18 chamberings there is a model that will fit you and do well on any number of hunts.

The Browning BLR has expanded its lineup over the years offering many models including a takedown and a more tactical version in the Black Label Edition. It’s a proven platform and a trusted advisory no matter the conditions.


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