22Plinksters’ Upside-Down Firing Technique (VIDEO)

Just imagine, you’re relaxing at your home after a hard day’s work and suddenly a thief kicks down your front door and starts firing his gun. You reach for your gun, but in the chaos you accidentally grab the gun the wrong way and hold it upside down. There’s no time to flip your gun around – you’ve only got a split second to line up your shot before the thief fires at you. Could you accurately shoot your upside-down gun in time?

Ok, we admit that it’s a ridiculous hypothetical question. Being in a situation where you need to fire your gun upside down is one of those one-in-a-billion anomalies. But we’re still curious – how do you go about shooting an upside-down gun?

Fortunately, trick shot master 22Plinkster created this instructional video for upside-down shooting. His technique is to hold the grip high with the dominant hand, and then wrap his off-hand around and under the grip for support. This technique allows 22Plinkster to look down the sights from beneath the weapon, all without getting his hand pinched by the gun’s slide.

It might be worth practicing upside-side down shooting, not because it will save your life in some ridiculous what-if home invasion scenario, but because it’ll probably impress your buddies. There’s nothing quite like hitting your target with an upside-down gun, and then watching your friends fumble with the trick shot. You may want to stick with a low-caliber weapon, though. Normally, recoil is offset by gravity and the weight of the gun. Firing a weapon upside down will probably have worse recoil because the recoil works with gravity, rather than against it.

We’d also love to see 22Plinkster tackle some of his old trick shots with an upside-down pistol. Hitting a flying peppermint is impressive all on its own, but can he pull off the same shot with his innovative upside-down firing technique?

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