2016 Gift Ideas For Hunters

Gear that worked well during the 2016 season.
Gear that worked well during the 2016 season.

By Jason Reid

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Rochester, New York.
(November 23, 2016)- As we being to look at Christmas and the new year, hunting seasons will be winding down across the country in the coming weeks. Reflecting on the tough fall of adventures and the many miles hiked I cannot go without reporting on the gear which has worked well this fall. With Christmas around the corner, you might want to consider these as gifts for the hunter(s) in your family.

Sightmark Solitude 10×42: These binoculars stayed in my pack all season and played an especially critical role in my September elk hunt. I was impressed by the clarity of the images seen through the glass. This is in part to the Bak-4 roof prisms, “The Bak-4 roof prism system features a straight-through light system, achieving better light transmission.” When glassing several hundred yards to trying and pick apart the brush for a hidden buck or bull, I came to relay on the clarity of these binoculars without hesitation. In addition, they fit into my Sitka Fanatic jacket pocket with ease- which means they never got left behind.

Pocket Water Purifier: Clean water is the most important part of living in the backcountry. The 12 Surviors pocket Water Purifier took up very little room in my pack during elk season.This straw provides filtration down to just .03 microns for up to 1500 liters, this life-saving straw prevents major illnesses and was tested by TUV SUD for reduction of 99.9999% of bacteria. It can even be threaded onto a standard bottle for water collection.

Fanatic Hoodie: Sitka Gear has made my hunting season much ore enjoyable. The fanatic hoodies are the perfect insulating layer under your clothing. It is form-fitting to help trap your body heat. The hoodie comes in black and Elevated Optifade. I wore this piece for each hunt throughout the fall and can safely say your loves ones will not be disappointed in this piece.

Case Knives XX Changer: A good knife can save a hunt. Having cheap blades in the wild is just something you cannot afford. The Case XX knife has interchangeable blades for each step of the skinning and butchering process-including a durable mini saw. While I wasn’t able to use this knife on an elk, it has proved its weight in gold during whitetail season.

ALPZ Pursuit: This pack has plenty of space for your gear during a long and tough whitetail season. This pack gives hunters a bow and gun holder built into the pack. I used this pack to carry my bow on my back during our 16 mile bike ride into elk camp in September. It was a rough ride, but, I was able to keep my hands on the bike and not be worried about my bow.

Otis Gun Care: Bad weather during gun season makes gun cleaning a priority. The Ripcord from Otis is a great tool and an easy item to purchase for your hunter. My opening weekend of Rifle season coincided with the brutal storm which ripped across the East. I was happy to have the right cleaning materials from Otis to help keep my new gun clean of rust.

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