2 Million Bullets – The Future Of Hunting & Shooting

By Jeff Ervin

John Annoni tees off with a 12 gauge on the SLIP system trekking pole
John Annoni tees off with a 12 gauge fitted with Hawke Optics, on the  Elk Mountain Gear SLIP system trekking pole at POMA Shooting Day (photo by Jeff Ervin)

Shasta Lake, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- When John Annoni talks about teaching kids about the outdoors, there is a fire in his eyes, an energy that is both captivating, and infectious.

His descriptions about his methods of reaching children that would otherwise never have any connection to the outdoors, make it very clear that he knows how to get to these children, many of which are inner-city kids.

An educator by trade, John has taken his God given gift, and dedicated himself to one of the largest campaigns in history, to introduce America’s Youth to hunting and shooting.

I was fortunate to meet John at the POMA Conference in Tunica, Mississippi last weekend, and he is one of the most pleasant and accommodating individuals I have met in the Outdoor Industry. John is the Founder of 2 Million Bullets, an organization working to promote hunting and shooting education for the Youth of America. According to John:

“Initially this campaign will look to secure two million Americans to stand up and be counted for the belief that our children are America’s most precious natural resource. Our traditions of hunting and shooting will be passed on because two million of us proved we cared about children.”

Two Million Bullets
Two Million Bullets

Having support from such giants in the Outdoor Industry as Mossy Oak, John is well on his way to achieving that initial goal. From Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, Mossy Oak’s Senior VP of TV and related media:

“John Annoni has been a part of the Mossy Oak family for nearly 20 years. Not because he loves the outdoors (which he does) but because his passion and his mission make most others in the outdoor world seem small. Through Camp Compass and now the Two Million Bullets program, John reaches kids that would NEVER be introduced to our world, much less to the positive aspects of what we do. Being an inner-city kid himself, John knows how to reach these kids because he was one of them. He uses hunting, fishing and shooting opportunities to inspire youth to become better in school, at home and in life and to overcome many obstacles to reach their true potential. If there is a more honorable calling in the outdoors I have not heard about it.”

There are many ways to get involved in this program. By donating only one dollar, you can proudly wear the orange ribbon, which will come to mean “I care about the Youth of America”.

This ribbon will be proudly displayed on our main website at Elk Mountain Gear, and it is downloadable on the 2 million bullets website.

Simply go to www.twomillionbullets.org

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