Zimmerman selling rebel flag paintings to support Muslim-free zone gun shop

confederate-flag zimmerman

The Zimmerman painting features “The 2nd Protects Our 1st” motto on a background of the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (Photo: Florida Gun Supply)

Two controversial South Florida figures, George Zimmerman and Andy Hallinan are teaming up to sell prints of a Confederate flag painting made by Zimmerman to help fund Hallinan’s legal defense.

Hallinan’s shop, Florida Gun Supply, drew a lawsuit from the Council on American-Islamic Relations for discrimination after the store’s owner declared the shop a Muslim-free zone in a dramatic online video.

Now, Zimmerman has reached out to help fund the defense against the CAIR suit through the sale of $49 prints of a symbol that may be even more controversial than the two men.

“George Zimmerman is teaming up with Florida Gun Supply to offer signed and numbered prints of his Confederate Flag painting,” reads a post on the gun store’s site. “This painting was painted in honor of Andy Hallinan for being a true patriot and leading the country into a better, safer America.”

At least a portion of the funds will go towards charity.

“George and Andy will be splitting the proceeds – and it will go to support their legal funds, living expenses, and advancing their mission to change the country. A percentage of the proceeds will also go directly to the Boys and Girls Club to help support the next generation!” explains the site.

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