Youtube Censorship Nazi’s Terminate Brownells’ Video Account

Youtube Censorship Nazi's Terminate Brownells' Video Account
Youtube Censorship Nazi’s Terminate Brownells’ Video Account

USA – -( A sporting goods retailer, very familiar to Ammoland News readers, today had their Youtube video account shut down. Youtube’s only reason was “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” for whatever that means today?

In the last few months, we have reported on YouTube deleting or banning: Spike’s Tactical, AirgunGearShow ,Pyramydair,  Airgunsofarizona and others.

Youtube has been slowly deleting, banning and removing anything that is firearms related or even remotely associated with shooting sports or conservative values for that matter. Yet, we can still go on Youtube and watch murder-inciting videos by hate imams Ahmad Musa Jibril and Abu Haleema, because, you know, that does not violate any terms of service rules…!?

We conducted a review of our YouTube account in March to ensure compliance with YouTube’s new firearm content policy.

We had received no indications that our account was in violation until Saturday Morning, June 9, when we discovered the Brownells account had been terminated.

We will obviously appeal and we’d appreciate the gun community’s support with providing feedback to Google/YouTube. said Ryan Repp, Brownells’ director of content and communications.

From Facebook page:

Pissed that Youtube would side with free speech haters?  Let them know by contacting them at the number below.

Google: 650-253-0000 Option 5 For Youtube M – F

Message Youtube And Google:

  • Https://Twitter.Com/Youtube
  • Https://Twitter.Com/Rkyncl?Lang=En
  • Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Youtube/

Use “Send Feedback” At Bottom Of Your Page To Message Youtube.


Late Sunday night YouTube restored the Brownells Video account. No explanation given. Can social media pressure be the difference?