Woman Who Red Flagged Colorado Cop Arrested On Perjury

Cop ERPO Red Flagged By Mother of Man He Killed In 2017 Colorado Police Shooting; Mother Claims They Have Child Together
Cop ERPO Red Flagged By Mother of Man He Killed In 2017 Colorado Police Shooting; Mother Claims They Have Child Together

Fort Collins, CO-(Ammoland.com)- The Larimer County Sheriff Department arrested the women who tried to use Colorado’s new red flag law to disarm a police officer that shot and killed her son in a violent confrontation.

As AmmoLand reported earlier, Susan Holmes filed an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) against Corporal Phil Morris of the Colorado State University Police Department on January 9. Officer Morris and another officer encountered 19-year-old Jeremy Holmes acting erratically with a large hunting knife. After a brief standoff, Jeremy Holmes charged the officers and forced the police to shoot him.

The investigation of the shooting cleared Officer Morris of any wrongdoing and ruled that he defended himself against Jeremy Holmes. By using the officer’s bodycam footage, investigators determined that Jeremy Holmes committed suicide by cop by charging the police forcing them to shoot. Susan Holmes claimed that Morris murdered her son in cold blood. The investigation highlights the fact that the police ordered Jeremy Holmes to drop the knife 36 times during the encounter.

Holmes claimed that she and Morris had a child in common. She said she interpreted the on the ERPO form to mean any relationship to a child and not just biological allows a person to take out an ERPO against the other person. The ERPO forced officer Morris to appear in court to defend himself against the charges, or he would have lost his firearm rights.

Second Amendment advocates point to this case as to how red flag laws violate the citizen’s rights. They claim that the laws run contrary to the due process clause of the US Constitution. They also believe that the law also violates the Second Amendment.

The judge denied Susan Holmes’ petition on January 16. He pointed out that Morris and Holmes did not have a child together. The judge didn’t believe that Holmes misunderstood the question about having a child in common on the form that she filled out to start the ERPO process. He believed she filed the ERPO out of malice.

The courts determined that Holmes committed perjury by lying on the form. Like much of the country, in Colorado, perjury is a felony. Holmes refused to turn herself into the police. They made multiple attempts to apprehend Holmes

Larimer County Sheriff Department finally arrested Holmes on Tuesday at her home. She streamed the arrest live to YouTube. Holmes refused to open the door to the police, causing them to break down the door to take her into custody. Viewers could hear Holmes resisting arrest.

“You’re breaking my arm! You’re breaking my arm! You’re breaking my arm! Stop breaking my arm,” Holmes could be heard screaming in the live stream video.

Holmes talked about how she does not support the extreme risk protection orders that are now law in Colorado. She states that she believes that red flag laws are unconstitutional. She filed for the ERPO because, according to her, she believes that the law should apply evenly to police and citizens.

Holmes stated that she is a Second Amendment supporter, and people shouldn’t give up their guns. The host of the live stream, Tim, who goes by username Timmybnm, stated that Holmes is a Constitutionalist.

Police are holding Holmes on a $5,000 bond.

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