Wisconsin: Tools Available to Help Hunters Learn About the 2016 Gun Deer Season

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

MADISON-(Ammoland.com)- A number of tools and helpful documents found online make it easier than ever to prepare for the 2016 gun deer hunt.

Looking for all of this year’s key changes in one place?

There are a few notable changes for this year’s deer hunting season, and you can find them in a helpful “Deer Hunt 2016 – What do you need to know [PDF]?” document, found at dnr.wi.gov, keyword “deer.”

Interactive deer map will outline which tags and seasons are offered where you hunt

New for 2016, an interactive deer map allows hunters to select the exact location of their hunt to learn which tags and seasons are offered. Check out the map at dnr.wi.gov, keyword “DMU.”

If you leave it, tag it! Know your tagging rules before you head into the woods

Hunters are required to carry the appropriate carcass tag when hunting species requiring a tag; deer, bear, turkey and geese. The carcass tagging FAQ (search “tag it“), will help hunters make sure they are ready for another year in the field, while the frequently asked questions offers additional information regarding changes for 2016.

Please note that when registering a harvested deer, the registration process will ask for the carcass tag number on the tag (not the customer ID). Please contact the DNR Call Center with any questions at 888-936-7463. Please have this carcass tag number handy when registering a deer. The carcass tag number is located near the top of the carcass tag.

Be sure to use the carcass tag number when registering a deer this fall. Photo Credit: DNR
Be sure to use the carcass tag number when registering a deer this fall.
Photo Credit: DNR

Be sure to use the carcass tag number when registering a deer this fall.

Go Wild offers several options for displaying a hunting license, including an authorized Wisconsin Driver License, Conservation Card or electronic PDF image.

GameReg tutorial places registration information at your fingertips

To help ensure every hunter is aware of registration options in 2016, a helpful GameReg tutorial is now available online. This video can be viewed in the field or at home, and provides a step by step look at what to expect in 2016.

A link to the GameReg system is available through the Pocket Ranger app for mobile devices. For more information regarding electronic registration, search “GameReg.”

Wisconsin’s deer need your help – submit a harvested deer for CWD sampling

CWD sampling is offered at various locations throughout southern, central and northern Wisconsin. For information regarding where to take your deer for sampling, search keywords “CWD sampling” or contact the DNR call center at 888-936-7463. Hunters are reminded to contact sampling stations in advance to verify hours of operation.

2016 Wisconsin Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast available online

Many fall hunting and trapping seasons in Wisconsin are just around the corner, and the 2016 Fall Hunting and Trapping Forecast [PDF] is now available.

To view this year’s hunting and trapping forecast, visit dnr.wi.gov and search keywords “forecast [PDF]” or “hunt.”

People who missed three August live chats regarding deer hunting can review chat records online – search keyword “expert” and choose the chat of your choice. Hunters looking to brush up on their rules are encouraged to join DNR staff Nov. 10 at noon for a final deer season chat.

To receive email updates regarding deer hunting in Wisconsin, visit dnr.wi.gov and click on the email icon near the bottom of the page titled “subscribe for updates for DNR topics,” then follow the prompts and select the “white-tailed deer” distribution list (found within the “hunting” list).

Deer Show 2016 webpage features helpful video segments

Segments from Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2016 with Dan Small will help hunters prepare for another fall deer hunt – these videos will help viewers get ready for deer season on-the-go. To watch these segments, search keywords “deer show” or visit the department’s Youtube page, select “playlists” and select “Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2016 with Dan Small.

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The department uses a number of outlets to reach Wisconsin’s citizens, and these channels are also a great way to share your stories. DNR staff look forward to seeing photos from hunting trips and other outdoor activities – seeing their work enjoyed by others is truly special for staff.

Throughout fall hunting seasons, department staff will share helpful tips and answer questions on social media – this easy to use resource is an extremely valuable tool in learning more about everything from rules and regulations to wildlife biology.

Be sure to visit DNR’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn pages to learn more and share your love for Wisconsin’s wild outdoors with others.

For more general information regarding deer hunting in Wisconsin, search keyword “deer.”