Wisconsin offers 5 tags for first ever elk hunt (VIDEO)

Wednesday marks the first day to apply for one of the five tags available for elk hunting in northern Wisconsin, according to the announcement by the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

“This hunt is only going to take place up in the Clam Lake area where elk were re-introduced to Wisconsin well over 20 years ago now,” said Kevin Wallenfang, the state’s big game ecologist. “That population has continued to grow out through time and we’re really pleased with what’s happening up there and we’re finally to the point where we feel we can offer a very limited hunting opportunity for folks to enjoy here.”

The hunt will take place in the Clam Lake range, in the northwest area of the state, from Oct. 13 to Nov. 15, but if someone has not filled the tag, the state will allow for another hunt between Dec. 13-21.

Only bulls may be harvested during the hunt. “We want to continue to see our elk population grow,” Wallenfang said. “We’ve got an overall elk population goal up in the Clam Lake area of about 1,400 animals … so bulls only.” The elk population began with 25 in 1995.

The state will issue four elk tags at random and the fifth tag will be awarded through the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. To apply, applicants must be Wisconsin residents. However, the state will also allow non-residents who are military veterans and/or purple heart recipients to apply.

The state’s DNR will accept applications for the entire month of May. The application costs $10 and for the winners, the tag costs $49. Then, the state will draw the winners in June and then the RMEF will host a raffle throughout the summer until a winner is drawn Aug. 11.

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