Winchester adds new calibers to Deer Season XP series

Deer Season XP adds .25-06 and .450 Bushmaster to its lineup. (Photo: Winchester)

Winchester introduces new calibers into its popular Deer Season XP rifle ammunition line, adding 117-grain .25-06 Rem and 250-grain .450 Bushmaster loads.

Introduced in 2015, the Deer Season XP ammo series features a large diameter polymer-tipped bullet that Winchester said delivers “devastating terminal performance.” Offering an Extreme Point polymer tip, the tapered bullet jacket and precision swaged lead core were created to provide the energy needed to transfer massive takedown power.

Already available in 15 popular hunting calibers, Winchester adds the .25-06 and .450 Bushmaster for even more options for serious hunters.

“Winchester continues to make Deer Season XP available to even more hunters as they take to the woods in pursuit of our nation’s most popular big-game animal,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of marketing and sales for Winchester Ammunition, in a news release.

The newest calibers of Deer Season XP ship in 20-round boxes, like their brethren.  Average price on the ammo series hovers between $20 and $40 per box.

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