‘White Women’ Prove Claim That ‘No One Wants to Take Your Guns’ is a Lie

U.S.A. — “Hundreds of White women gathered at the Colorado Capitol Monday morning, with more expected to show up throughout the day, to use their ‘privilege’ in a silent sit-in to demand Gov. Jared Polis ban guns and create a gun buyback program,” CNN “reported,” although “publicized” would be a more accurate term. The fact that the demographics of who racks up these daily body counts in Democrat strongholds like Chicago, St. Louis, and Baltimore was left unstated.

“[W]e are asking Black folks and other marginalized and vulnerable communities to sit this one out and allow the White women and their privileged bodies, their privilege, and their power to show up,” claimed Here4TheKids and protest co-organizer, “Speaking Racism” podcaster and mother Tina Strawn. She’s also an author, CNN notes, but omits the title of her book, “Are We Free Yet? The Black Queer Guide To Divorcing America.”

Gotta make this appear “mainstream” to appeal to those dumb enough to believe that “privilege” and “systemic racism” are the reasons why “Black folks and other marginalized… communities” might be more “vulnerable” than others. After all, “This is CNN.”

So left unexplored is the reality that the “vulnerability” is mostly confined to “a small set of urban areas,” and Democrat-controlled ones at that. Also left unexplored are very real choices—like not taking advantage of “free” K-12 “education in regions where school superintendents are pulling down significant figures while churning out functional illiterates and where out-of-wedlock families are the majority.

The collectivists find it useful to their wealth and power transfer agenda to encourage hostility, entitlement, envy, and the blaming of others for the results of chronic poor decisions. And the gun prohibitionists find it useful to theirs to blame peaceable gun owners for the predictable results.

No one seems to ask – if it’s really the guns – why it is that 5 million NRA members can coexist with them just fine on a day-to-day basis, and why the Annual Meetings drawing 80,000 under one roof aren’t marked by three-day nonstop bloodbaths.

“Enough is enough,” a sign held by one of the useful idiots read, although the demands made by the protestors puts the lie to that: Because what they’re essentially saying is it will never be enough until they have it all, and if there’s one thing history teaches us about totalitarians, getting the guns is just the first step.

And that’s what these stupid, sheltered white women have been swindled into believing they want – an executive order that “includes a total ban on all guns and a comprehensive, mandatory buyback program.” You don’t have to read any more of the proposal after that—you got the crux of it.

Fudds who would throw evil black rifle owners under the bus, take note. Polyphemus may have said he’ll eat you last but eat you he certainly will if you let him.

“This obviously flies in the face of the Constitution—of the Second Amendment,” the Epoch Times noted co-organizer Saira Rao, a former Democratic congressional candidate, admitting to Colorado Public Radio. “We would like to see the 28th Amendment repealing the Second Amendment. So yes, we are not morons. We are very well aware that this is unconstitutional, and this is how change happens.”

That, of course, was the “brainchild” of subversive propagandist Michael Moore, who wants us to believe the Founders intended for the Bill of Rights to dictate what the government would not allow citizens to have. So yes, if Saira and Tina believe that, if they believe such an amendment would pass, and if they believe trying to enforce it wouldn’t result in a civil war when they order Americans to give up their guns and then try to confiscate them, they are morons, as well as genocidal maniacs.

Hell, Democrats Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell are volunteering F-15s and nukes. Against U.S. citizens on American soil. Figure that one out, and then consider what kind of subversive and/or coward wouldn’t resist such monsters.

Still, it would be interesting for Sarai and Tina to flesh out how an entire force of government, with the military and police dwarfed by tens of millions of gun owners, would go about it. Got logistics? Costs? They’re not just morons; they’re insane.

And Saira is one more thing—she’s an ingrate. Her parents immigrated here from India ostensibly to enjoy the freedoms and prosperity that they could not enjoy in their native land, and now, not understanding that freedom is a package deal instead of a menu dictated to you, she’s doing her utmost to erode the keystone right that backs up all the others. Funny, like all doctrinaire leftists, she’s too blindly prejudiced to grasp that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is the most effective power-sharing arrangement ever devised. And she’s hypocritical, to make this an issue of race and privilege, her family having escaped a culture that still brutally discriminates against the Dalit people (particularly “Brown women”), offensively referred to as “untouchables.”

One other point worth mentioning is some of the Hollywood lottery winners the CNN article cited as lending their support to this stupid sit-in:

“The movement has garnered support from the entertainment industry, including from White actresses Amy Schumer, Michaela Watkins, and Lake Bell.”

I confess I’ve never heard of the last two B-Listers, but Amy Schumer is a name most gun owners will recognize for her being a cousin of Senator Chuck Schumer and a gun-grabber shill in her own right. The only reason it’s important to note here is that she has always been presented in the media as a proponent of  “common sense firearms legislation.”

We can now see what they mean by that. Everything else is just incremental erosion toward an end goal, and Republicans take note: “Compromise” on any part of that merely removes an obstacle on their way to that goal. Giving in on anything, whether it’s perceived as significant or not, is a form of aid and comfort to the enemy.

While Gov. Jared Polis is, above all else, a political animal, his tepid response to the proposed EO tells us much:

A spokesperson for Polis said the governor’s staff has met with the organizers of the group and “have expressed concerns that the requests being made are either unconstitutional or require legislative action.”

It’s not that he’s against it and views undermining “the security of a free State” as an act of treason – it’s that the political climate isn’t right – yet.

And the same goes for all the “commonsense gun safety law” groups: Not one of the “Big Three,” Everytown, Giffords, or Brady, has disavowed a total ban as “too much.” Why would they? They want the same thing. It’s just that they’re smarter and sneakier about it. And they wish you uncontrolled radicals spoiling everything by demanding too soon would just shut up and go away.

So, thank you, Tina, Saira, and all your cult followers. By proving “No one is talking about taking your guns” to be the lie that it is for all the world to see, you’ve actually done gun owners a service.

Still to do: The organization of the Here4TheKids campaign, with its slick website, speaks of money and professional ad agency skills behind the effort. A cursory “Who Is” look shows them hiding behind a proxy, and they’re evidently new enough to where they’re not (yet?) listed as a nonprofit on Guidestar to check out tax status and returns. Their donations page does not reveal who donated money goes to and they’re not in the Colorado business database, meaning they’re either registered under a different name or they’re registered in another state.

Chances are, unless Tina and Sarai are independently wealthy, there’s a “man behind the curtain” funding a media-spread attitude change to ban guns. Let’s find out who he is – or they are – and why they’re either oblivious to transparency or hiding. Funny—you’d think with all its resources, CNN would want to know who it is they’re really publicizing.

You’d also think idiot “White women” would want to know who’s pushing their buttons and why before they go charging off doing something stupid.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea