What To Do If Approached About Carrying A Firearm In A Store


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What To Do If Approached About Carrying A Firearm In A Store

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Now that some of the dust has settled, here is some more information and thoughts on Walmart, Kroger, and the other stores that are “virtue signaling” on guns:


The video of the open-carrier getting kicked out of a Walmart in Kentucky happened before Walmart’s virtue signaling episode began. It appears to have had more to do with the gun owner embarrassing Walmart by trying to get someone to help him at the unattended firearms counter, than him having an openly-carried handgun. Here is a link to the Facebook posting from the gun owner on that incident.

Several people here in Virginia and in Texas have tested open carry in Walmarts and have had no issues. No change in signage at Walmart has yet occurred either. https://thehill.com/homenews/news/460652-gun-rights-activists-test-walmart-request-not-to-open-carry-guns-into-store

For now it would seem that it is business as usual if you wish to carry at Walmart openly or concealed. Of course, there is the issue of Walmart asking Congress for more gun control – which is stupid and unacceptable.

Another store virtue signals on guns. https://wtvr.com/2019/09/11/publix-joins-retailers-asking-customers-not-to-openly-carry-guns-into-its-stores/

Publix is now virtue signaling the same message as Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens and others by asking customers not to open carry in their stores. I, for one, personally, and respectfully, decline to honor that request.

Various companies have sent a letter to the Senate calling for more gun control

Here is the letter from close to 150 companies we need to stop doing business with (Uber, Lyft, Levi’s, Gap, Nextdoor, JJ Abrams, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Yelp, and many others). How stupid of all these companies to bring politics into their businesses. They have just needlessly lost a lot of customers.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz let their CEOs have it with this response.

Seems support for gun control is trending down.

  • https://freebeacon.com/issues/polls-show-gun-control-support-trending-down/
  • https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/gun-sales-surge-15-driven-by-self-protection-pelosi-schumer-demand-for-limits

What To Do If Approached About Carrying A Firearm In A Store

I have been conferring with one of Virginia Citizens Defense League’s attorneys and offer this general advice if approached by a store employee and/or the police while carrying in a business:

If approached by a store employee, ask to speak to the manager (often employees don’t know that while the store may prohibit them, as employees, from carrying at work, the store may not prevent customers from doing so).

If the manager or store security confirms they don’t want you carrying in the store, just politely and quietly leave the store. Do NOT ask that they post the business with a “no guns” sign.

You DO NOT have to identify yourself, nor do you have to sign anything. You should simply leave without argument.

If the police are involved and they ask you to identify yourself, you should do so to them only. Do NOT sign any document except in the extremely unlikely case that it is a summons to appear in court issued by the police. (Failure to sign a summons will leave the police with no choice but to arrest you.) Leave the store once the police have indicated you are free to go. If the police want you to sign something from the company, just say you don’t sign anything unless you have a lawyer present and stick to that. You will not be charged with trespass if this is the first time the police have approached you at that business. You have committed no crime, so there is nothing to sign.

All that said, be polite to the officers and do NOT debate the company’s policy with the police. You have nothing to gain by being anything other than reasonable and pleasant.

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