What Happened To All the Ammo? ~ 9mm? – 223? – 5.56? – 300BLK?

9mm Brass Primers Ammo Ammunition
What Happened To All the Ammo? ~ 9mm? – 223? – 5.56? – 300BLK?

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Where can I get ammo?

What Happened To All the Ammo?

A perfect storm has basically made cheap ammunition as scarce as hen’s teeth:

The state and federal threats to our gun rights is driving people to buy more ammunition to keep in reserve. COVID-19 is limiting the number of employees able to make ammunition and a wave of millions of new gun owners that need to feed their recent firearms purchases for purposes of training and carry are all eating up or holding back the supply lines.

Ammunition manufacturers customarily have a pretty good handle on how much of each type of ammunition they are going to sell annually. Knowing this, they tool up and crank out x number of rounds of say, .22 LR. They then retool and make y number of rounds of 9mm, then z rounds of .223, etc. The perfect storm has thrown a monkey wrench into those calculations and the industry is trying desperately to catch up to the exploding demand. See this related article “How Much Ammunition is Produced for the United States Market?“.

Even components for reloading are in short supply.

Where Can I Find Ammunition That is Cheap?

ROFL! Good luck on that cheap part. If you do find some cheap ammo at 2019 prices, you might also stumble on a unicorn or two in your backyard.

Barrels of Ammunition XM855
Barrels of Ammunition XM855

OK, OK. Where Can I Find Ammunition, Even If Pricey?

Fortunately, the free market can help. When a commodity is in short supply vs demand, the price of that commodity tends to rise, which helps lower demand, and keeps the product at least available to those who need it and are willing to pay extra to have it.

There are three places I go to look for the best prices and availability on ammunition:

  1. AmmoLand’s Gun Deal (go to the “Daily Deals Page” to see the deals and it links you to the seller’s website for that item)
  2. AmmoSeek at www.ammoseek.com (links each deal to the seller’s website for that item)
  3. Virginia Gun Trader at www.vaguntrader.com (the ammunition section has private sellers, with their locality, in Virginia who have ammunition they want to sell – there are often good deals to be had this way)

Good luck and happy hunting!

Editors Note: Lots of folks are looking for 9mm ammunition check out these fast links for checking select ammunition retailers’ inventory online.

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