Want to buy a tank? Cause there’s a tank for sale (VIDEOS)


Want to buy a tank? Cause there's a tank for sale (VIDEOS)

Commute got you down? Dove season coming up? Do we have a deal for you! (Photo: Armslist)

The Chieftain FV4201 was the main tank of the British Army from the 1960s through the mid-90s when it was replaced by the newer Challenger series tank. It was a contemporary of the U.S. M60 Patton and German Leopard I although in many ways, with its 120mm gun, advanced armor, and high top speed over distance, it was considered just slightly better by some.

How did one of Her Majesty’s tanks end up in Oklahoma City?

Well after its retirement, this particular example was bought by renowned armor collector Jacques Littlefield and, after his ride to Valhalla, was picked up by Cold Hand Arms, an area gun store, then shipped to the states.

That’s when it made a splash at the store’s grand opening, even attracting Republican Gov. Mary Fallin to drive it over a scratch and dent Japanese import. Because if you are a GOP governor with a history of repeatedly vetoing pro-gun legislation, you want to be seen driving a tank over a scratch and dent Japanese import.

Well now, the store is up and running and thanks to Cash for Clunkers, those cheap cars just aren’t around anymore to grind up, so Cold Hand Arms have decided to sell their Chieftain.

It’s up on Armslist for just under a quarter milly. From the description:

This armored tank is fully functional. The 2 engines both run great and have low hours on them. It comes with a NEW backup main engine. The turret is fully operational and the stabilization system works; it is controlled via a joystick. The main gun is registered as a Destructive Device with the ATF and comes with 10 projectiles. More projectiles are available. The barrel is in excellent condition and has never been molested. It has a factory laser range finder. Also included is the hydraulic mine plow and infrared spotlight. The intercom system works, as does the NBC filtration.

And who knows, maybe there are assorted Nissan parts hidden in the undercarriage you can use for future projects. Bonus!

[ Armslist ]

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